Monday, May 17, 2010

1 down... I think.

So I think I got my period starting last night (Saturday).

As I mentioned in the last post, I had been having some of the symptoms of it for the past week or so.

It started very very light though and didn't pick up til nearly 24hrs later - a small piece of me is hoping it might just be implantation bleeding, as according to the chart it's claiming I ovulated less than a week ago and the earliest implantation bleeding can occur is 4 days after ovulation, which would have been yesturday according to the chart, but then again, that's probably just wishful thinking, as this feels like a normal one (not to mention the cramps and pain have been some of the worst!), not to mention my temp dipped back below the coverline again to a 97.7...

So I guess this means the end of the first cycle of the pill, unless my average temps stay high. I might take a test at the end of the week though just to "make sure" and put my "wishful thinking" to rest so I can move on to the next cycle.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First cycle off the pill

This being my first cycle off the pill, my cycle is all kinds of screwed up.

I am now on day 33, which is odd for me as I've always been regular, give or take a day... not 5!

I've been charting, as previous mentioned, and I'll get several days of "high temps" and then it'll dip back down below the coverline again. I've several cramping/ovulation pains at different points throughout this cycle.

As is, I'm coming up on a week late with my period, which is strange, as this time a week ago I was displaying a lot of my normal symptoms, including cramping and chocolate cravings. I figure if I don't get it by the end of next week I'll pee on a stick, but I'm not getting my hopes up, as my chart is all over the place and I'm not even sure when I ovulated at this point, that is, if I even ovulated at all!

I asked on the TCOYF forums, linking my chart for this cycle, and the general consensus is, I most likely didn't ovulate, but if I did it was around the 16th, although as of yesturday, the chart itself is saying I ovulated on day 28 (which would mean we missed that boat), but who knows...

Here's a screenie of my current chart for those curious and wanting to take a stab at the "did I ovulate and when?" game (click it to view larger):

Note: the days with X's through them - that means a "disturbance." Days where I didn't get 3 hours of sleep prior to taking my temp count as a disturbance, but I took the temp anyway just to get an idea of where it was at, and of course on Mother's Day I didn't chart, as I had to get up 2 hours prior to the alarm going off, so even taking it wouldn't have been very accurate.

Also, I don't input my cervical fluid daily, so on days it's not marked, it's safe to assume there was nothing.