About Us

Jaydran, mommy & daddy - June 2011
My husband and I go way back to Junior High, where we first met in 8th grade Sunday School back in December 1997. Despite him having a major crush on me for years, we remained close friends until we began dating nearly 9 years later in December 2006. Soon after we began dating we knew we were meant to be and got engaged about a year later and were married in September 2008.

We've both talked about having kids of our own someday (ideally we'd liked to have at least 2, possibly 3) and decided in April 2010 that we would start trying to conceive.

Fortunately, we got lucky and conceived our son, Jaydran (Jay) Alexander, during our 2nd cycle of trying and he was born via induction on February 4, 2011! He's such a cutie! And despite having a rough start, he's bounced back quite well and is doing just fine!

Our kitty Tiger
In April 2011 we bought our 1st house (after living together in a one-bedroom apartment) in my hometown in Illinois. My husband is currently working 2 part-time jobs, the first as a 3rd-shift supervisor for UPS with the other being the inventory & purchasing manager for a Verizon Wireless authorized retail store. I work part-time as a sales associate at The Children's Place and sometimes I do work graphic designer.We also have a female domestic Egyptian Mau kitty named Tiger who will be 3 in October and we hope to someday get a dog too.

This blog is here to chronicle our journey and adventures of having a family of our own.