Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Note on Parenting

I've seen this image circulating in the blogosphere lately and decided to repost for myself - it's quite true!

Fun with Our Phones #9

I keep getting behind on these each week it seems!

Anyways, here's this week's photos!

 He discovered we have a big glass door in our kitchen, lol...

 Being a monkey, on the gate

 Being all cute at Denny's while daddy pays the bill

Our family room setup pre-fireplace

The setup post-fireplace - LOVE IT!!

 Checking out the fireplace the next morning (we put it together after he went to bed)

Tearing apart the house. Hubby & I were hanging out in the family room when we heard him banging around in the kitchen... he figured out how to pull the grate up out of the floor, lol...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun with Our Phones #8

A few days late, I know, but I've been super tired the past few days and this is the 1st chance I've had to get near an actual computer =)

Part of my fall decorations. I bought this set a few years ago from PartyLite and decorate it differently for each of the seasons. I decided to do something for fall this year so I bought some fake leaves, some fall-colored glass stones and changed out my usual vanilla candles to apple!

 I posted these before, but I finally got new glasses! I had my old ones I got at Walmart for like 6 years and yeah, it was time for new ones (especially with Jay pulling and bending them!). I got these at Zenni Optical's site for ~$75 total (for 2 pairs! AND I have super bad vision so I had to get the more expensive lenses too!). Compared to most of the places in town that sell glasses, these were a steal! My prescription changed a lot so it took a few days to get used to them and wear them without getting a headache, but I'm all good now! 

 Playing with daddy's wireless keyboard - the sequence here is funny because he got distracted by the TV for a minute before going back to playing with it, lol...

He was being an "angry elf" as he didn't want to his coat on, lol...

Fell asleep in the car while we were at Walmart, lol...

 "Helping" mommy with the dishwasher

Chillin, watching TV

 He made himself a front row seat during football this past week, as we put him in his walker for a bit.

Being cute at Wendy's!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Down with the Sickness

Today I've been quite sick.

I woke up around 830am, not feeling too good and ended up vomiting shortly after taking some PeptoBismal. I felt better though and climbed back into bed. Hubby woke up, saying he was up puking at 630am as well, but felt better afterwards. My blood sugar was down a bit but I laid back down until Jay started waking up around 1030. I moved everything I might need into the family room and drank some Dr. Pepper to get my blood sugar up... however as soon as I changing Jay's diaper, I felt a flush of sickness come over me. I quickly put his diaper on and laid him on the floor, me laying down next to him, before I got up and puked in his trashcan. Jay was a little confused as to what I was doing though! I regained just enough strength to get his jammies back on him and get us to the couch, where we snuggled for a little bit, but I ended up texting my mom and seeing if she could swing by after her Bible study to keep an eye on him for me and get him fed as I just felt too weak to do anything other than lay down and try not to puke again.

She helped me out a lot today - feeding Jay his breakfast and keeping him occupied for a bit so I could lay down and try to feel better. What sucked is that my blood sugar was down and making me feel sick since there was nothing in my system, however I couldn't eat anything to make it better as I was throwing it back up.

After Jay's 1st nap she offered to take him for the afternoon so I could just rest, so I agreed and hubby picked him up on his way home. Jay fell asleep in the car and slept til a little after 8pm. Hubby brought him into our room (he still isn't feeling 100% either) so we could all snuggle. Jay wanted mommy though and I told him I couldn't snuggle like we usually do as he couldn't bump me in the stomach as mommy's tummy wasn't feeling well. Not sure if he understood, but he crawled over to me and laid down next to me, putting his head on my shoulder for a few minutes - it was so sweet and cute! Made my night.

Jay's definitely a momma's boy - he doesn't like going too long without mommy and we didn't get to spend much time together today since I was feeling so sick.

My mom came back over to help me with him tonight after hubby left for his night job as I was feeling a little better but spending all day in bed my sense of balance was all off and my stomach was empty. I could use the help. We snuggled a bit tonight though - I missed snuggling with him today too. He's my little snuggle buddy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teething Necklace Giveaway!

Poor Jay - tooth #6 still hasn't fully come through all the way AND we think he's starting molars now too, as he keeps shoving his fists into the side of his mouth now =(

We tried those Hyland's Teething Tablets everyone seems to rave about... yeah, they don't work as well as we were hoping. They seem to help for a bit, but then he's in pain again. Honestly, it seems to work as well as the baby tylenol we've been giving him and the tylenol is cheaper so yeah...

I saw on Twitter today though that Danielle tweeted about this giveaway for a baby teething necklace and looked into it as I had heard about these amber teething necklaces before but never really checked out to see what they were.

I'm desperate to give Little Man some relief, so why not enter and try to win of these (and maybe just buy one if I don't win) - it's worth a shot, right?

Here's to hoping!

New Glasses!

So I finally got some new glasses - my current pair I bought probably 6 years ago or so at Walmart back in college, as I needed a back-up pair just in case something happened with my contacts. I didn't wear them regularly until a few years ago though when my contacts and my eyes didn't want to agree (every time I wear them for more than an hour or so this annoying filmy stuff forms all over the lense, making my vision all blurry).

Anyways, Jay totally stretched my wire frames out so that they fall off my face whenever I bend over so yeah, it was definitely time for some new ones! And I wanted to get some prescription sunglasses too or at least some clips to go on my frames so I have something like sunglasses.

The stores are EXPENSIVE though!

I stopped into to Eyeglass World as they have a special - 2 for $78, but learned that with the reflextive coating and all the other stuff I would need because my eyes are so bad (ie: making my lense thin enough since they would be took thick otherwise) it would be closer to $200 instead of $78.

I started looking online and after coming across 5ohWifey's blog and post about Zenni Optical I decided to buy from there. Their frames start at $6.95 (although mine were both closer to $10) and after all the extra stuff I needed for my lenses my regular pair cost around $30 and my prescription sunglasses cost $35! After shipping, it was right around $75 for both! Talk about a steal - my old ones from Walmart cost me almost $100... and that was just for 1 pair!

I was a little hesitant at first - buying glasses online without knowing for sure how they would look on me... but they do have a feature on the site where you can upload a photo of yourself looking straight (I used my laptop's built-in webcam to snap a photo) and then "try on" the glasses that way. You can also use one of their dummy models that has a face shape similar to yours too if you don't want to upload a picture.

My only complaint really is how long it took - I ordered them on September 21 and they just arrived today, October 11. Roughly 3 weeks. I get it, they have to be crafted to the exact prescription and stuff, but still... seemed like forever and I was REALLY needing new glasses, the way Jay likes to pull rip my other ones off my face.

They're a bit strong, as my eyes got a little worse from the prescription my old ones were (which again, are like 6 years old, lol...), so I'm wearing them around the house tonight to get used to them.

So, what do you think? Yay or nay? 

Better view of the sunglasses, with side detail:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fun with Our Phones Monday #7

It's Monday! (Okay, a little after, but I worked most of the day & this is the 1st chance I have to blog, hehe) Time to link-up for Fun With Our Phones Monday!!

Riding in his "big boy" car seat for the 1st time!
I actually took the time to be domestic and make a meal with some effort. I followed the French's Crunchy Onion Chicken recipe on the back of the bag and made Knorr Parmesan Pasta Side noodles. It was yummy!

 We went for a walk on one of the nearby walking paths and took a detour to visit the playground. Jay LOVES to swing!  It's been in the upper 70s all week too so I had to break out his summer clothes again, as I packed them up to go downstairs but fortunately they hadn't gotten stored yet!

Chillin' in the stroller after our walk

Napping with Elmo, his hat, and giraffe car toy during the 2hr drive out to the Quad Cities to visit his cousins.

Playing with his cousin Lucas (they're about 4 months apart) at Lucas' 1st birthday party!
Jay and cousin Noah playing with Lucas' new toys, lol...
Playing with Rock & Roll Elmo with his Grandpa & Daddy
Playing with cousin Lucas
Playing with his cousins and uncle he doesn't see often
Playing with his cousins

Riding home, late at night!
 As you can tell, this week consisted of riding around, going for walks and swinging and driving out to the Quad Cities for Jay's cousin's 1st birthday party. Jay seemed to really enjoy playing with his cousins and interacting with a baby closer in age to him too. I'm glad they got along and our 4 year old nephew is a riot!