Monday, January 31, 2011

37 weeks is finally here!!

Today I am 37weeks and 1 day.

And 37 weeks is technically considered to be full-term, so at this point, it's all just a waiting game, as Jay can make his arrival at anytime!

In other news, the baby shower was this past Saturday - I'll be making a separate post about that soon as I need to upload some of my photos I took.

We're also expecting a massive blizzard here in the next day or so (supposedly starting sometime tonight), giving some parts of northern Illinois up to 2 feet of snow! I hear my area is supposed to get 12-18 inches. One of the things they kept saying during our birthing classes at the hospital is that they often see a huge increase of women going into labor during bad weather and snowstorms and a few friends on Facebook have confirmed this as well, saying they went into labor during snowstorms or tornadoes and the L&D floor was PACKED with other pregnant women also going into labor! Not getting my hopes up too much, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't crossing my fingers or at least keeping the thought/idea/possibility of it happening in the back of my mind! lol...

Also, I am *still* waiting on the hospital to call and schedule me for the ultrasound my clinic wants me to have to look more closely at Jay's femur and kidneys.

My clinic called early on Wednesday saying that they talked to my insurance and it was good to go and that they sent my paperwork over to the hospital and that they would be calling me soon to get it scheduled. On Thursday at my follow-up my doctor asked if I had it scheduled yet and I told her I was still waiting to hear from the hospital, so she told me if I didn't hear anything Friday to call the clinic and let them know so they could look into it. Well, Friday came and went, as did the weekend, so I called as soon as I woke up this morning. They gave me the number for the Maternal Fetal Medicine ward at the hospital and I called explained the situation to them - the woman I spoke to pulled up my info and looked, as they have me on file from the last one we did at 30 weeks, and said it was showing they hadn't gotten any recent paperwork for me and requested I call my clinic and let them know so they can resend it and that they would call me shortly after they received it. So I did and spoke with the girl I talked to last Wednesday - she said that was strange as she has confirmation showing that the hospital received the paperwork they faxed over for me but said she was sending it over again and I should hear something soon.

So... I'm still waiting.

I'm starting to wonder if there's even a point now - I mean if it were earlier and we weren't at the point where we can expect him to arrive at any time I'd get it, but it seems like a waste as with my luck we'll schedule it and I'll go in labor before the appointment or we'll have the ultrasound and I'll go into labor like 2 days later. At this point too, since hubby kinda wants to be there for this one in the event that something is "wrong," the only good time this week that we could schedule for that works with both our schedules would be Thursday morning - otherwise we'd we have to wait until next week and I'll be even further along... and the further along I am the harder it's going to be to check his femur... ughhhhh

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly follow-up, pampering and fun!

I had my follow-up appointment yesterday and it went pretty smooth.

Originally I was scheduled for 4pm, but they called me in the morning asking if I could come in at 2pm instead, which was fine with me as I found out the day before they didn't need me to come into work on Thursday.

The NST stress test went fine as did my brief meeting with the doctor. They also did the Strep-B Culture swab, which they said tests for a specific vaginal infection that if you have it (she said like 10% of women do) they treat it while you're in labor so that baby doesn't get the infection when he comes through. Jay's fundal height was measuring exactly 36cm which is right on target for his gestational age. She said my glucose readings looked great and congratulated me on that.

We're STILL waiting for the hospital to call me to setup the ultrasound to check out his femur and kidneys... the girl from my clinic called Wednesday morning to let me know that they got it approved with insurance and sent my paperwork and stuff over to the hospital and that I should be getting a call from them to schedule it "sometime soon" but yeah... I mentioned I hadn't heard anything from them yet at my appointment and my doctor said if I didn't hear anything by this afternoon to give my clinic a call and they would look into it, so I need to do that first thing in the morning since I think they're open til noon.

Today I went and got myself a much needed pedicure!

Hubby rubs my feet for me sometimes when we watch TV and clips my toenails for me when they get too long as I have trouble comfortably reach my feet, but it's just not the same as going to a nail salon and soaking them and getting the works done and all that... and it felt GREAT! Supposedly, there's a pressure point on your ankle that's linked somehow to your uterus and if rubbed or whatever it can cause you to have contractions - I guess we'll see if I go into labor in the next few days...

What was amusing was that the chairs for the pedicure have a built in massager - I don't think Jay knew what to make of that, with all the vibrations going on! He started kicking/squirming a good bit while it was going on! lol...

Tomorrow is my baby shower - I'm a bit excited and looking forward to it, although I can't believe it's already here as we started talking about it and set the date last fall and it seemed soooo far off!

Monday, January 24, 2011

36 week appointment

Today I had my week 36 exam with the stress test, ultrasound, and meeting with the doctor.

The stress test took longer than normal today - they first hooked me up and we couldn't really hear his heartbeat that well despite the fact that he was clearly moving around as we could hear that! Anyways, she let it go, despite the heartbeat being faint. Apparently it didn't pick up on the doppler well enough and after 20 minutes and showing the doctor, they kept me hooked up longer, moving the heartbeat monitor around where we found his heartbeat a lot better than before. They kept me hooked up for about 10 minutes more before sending me over to ultrasound.

Today's ultrasound was a little different as in addition to checking the placenta and fluid she was checking for various "exercises" and movements. We had to wait for him to do a breathing exercise, having me lay on my side to see if that would get him to do it - she said some babies take awhile with that one in there, fortunately it didn't take him too long once I changed positions.

I met with the doctor...

Apparently the ultrasound, while everything else we looked for today showed as being fine, one of his kidneys appeared larger than the other. The doctor said that in most cases, it could just be that he hadn't peed yet so the kidney was full, however it isn't uncommon for boy babies to have problems with their kidney's not functioning or emptying correctly. She said that since this is 2 abnormalities they've found within a week they want me to see a high risk doctor at the hospital's maternal fetal medicine ward and get my next ultrasound there so they can check on this as well as his femur which we were going to check on again next week anyway.

Honestly, I'm kind of annoyed - it seems like it's just been one thing after another... UTI's, an infection, gestational diabetes and all that annoyance... now this growth thing with his femur and possible enlarged kidney... ugh! And I'm so sick of going the doctor so much too...


They put the request in at the hospital while I was there and was going to have my insurance approve it and then call me in the next day or so to schedule the appointment for later this week or early next week. She said if it's early next week I can call and cancel one of my appointments at the clinic next week, as we won't be needing 2 ultrasounds anyway. 

I did notice this sharp, shooting pain the past few nights which felt like him literally bouncing on my cervix. It only lasts a second or so and I can feel him "bouncing" when it happens... boy does it hurt! It's a sharp, shooting pain... he kept doing it last night while I was sitting on the couch. I Googled "baby bouncing on cervix" and apparently it's a pretty common thing, feeling exactly like how I described it. I mentioned it to my doctor today too, just in case, and she gave a laugh and a grin assuring me that that's perfectly normal for this stage and in most cases it's just him trying to "drop down" a bit to get ready to come out.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekly follow-up, morning hysterics and other thoughts

Today I had my follow-up doctor's appointment, however the morning started out with quite a bit of hysterics!

I'll admit, I didn't get much sleep last night as I napped A LOT yesterday (I went to lay down for an hour and was out for almost 4 hours!) so I was a little crabby from that. Didn't help that as I was getting ready this morning I realized I could have gotten an extra half hour of sleep as I noticed the card for my appointment said it was at 830am and not 8am like I thought. Regardless, I was ready to go at 8am and went out to clear off my car.

We had a nice little snowstorm on Monday and I hadn't driven my car since so there was some some harder snow packed onto my windshield, but it only took a moment to break it off and clear. So I get in my car and go to back out and.... my car won't move. I get out and look around, checking to see if there's a lot of snow blocked around the tires and sure enough, on the entire right side of my car there's snow packed up around the tires, including the front passenger one that has crappy tread at the moment. My car is also front-wheel drive so this doesn't help. Apparently whoever shovels our parking lot thought it would be nice to shovel walk-ways between the cars, but obviously wasn't paying attention that he was packing snow up around the car tires in the process. I knew this had to be the case as when I parked it Monday I went back and forth a few times, packing down the space around my tires to ensure I could get out!

Frustrated, I take my long snow pick and try to shovel out and break down the snow packed around my tire and get back in the car and try again. No luck - just burning rubber and my car won't go anywhere. I spent a good 15-20 minutes trying to get my car out and was really frustrated and being preggo, when I get frustrated and upset I tend to get a bit hysterical and start crying! I tried calling hubby to see if he could come push me out or at least bring me his keys so I could just take his car, but he wasn't answering either as he was asleep.

I think I scared the crap out of him when I came storming inside, all hysterical, worked up and in tears quickly stating I had to drive his car this morning because I couldn't get my car out thanks to the "dumbass that shovels our lot." Looking back later today, I had a good laugh with hubby over how hysterical I got!

I was a little more calm by the time I made it to my clinic, with 5 minutes to spare (if you're not there within 15 min of your appointment they cancel it, make you reschedule and charge you a $50 missed appointment fee).

The stress test went normal - Jay was quite active this morning, I think largely in part due to the fact I had gotten so hysterical (he started beating the crap out of me during that whole ordeal too and didn't slow down much afterwards - oops!).

I lost 1lb since Monday, which doesn't surprise me as I just haven't been all that hungry these past few days and for lunch and dinner I've been eating just enough carbs to meet my minimum quota.

They had trouble getting my blood pressure - the one girl tried 3 times and couldn't hear anything so she had another girl check it and it was a little high. They waited about 10 minutes, the 1st girl tried taking it again, realized something wasn't right with her stethoscope, fixed and could hear and my blood pressure had gone down a little bit. I still got lectured a little bit by my doctor though about my blood pressure being high the first time, saying I need to be aware of that... something having to do with headaches and things that can occur at this late in pregnancy. I told her I was a bit stressed out earlier this morning and that was probably why it was a little high but had gone down...

She did say my glucose readings still look good and Jay's fundal height is measuring 34.5cm, which is just fine.

I got my appointments set up for next week - a little annoyed that I still have to go twice a week when it's obvious we have my glucose numbers under control now...

Also, all these sites and pregnancy books that say babies tend to slow down their movements near the end and that it's common not feel so many pokes/jabs/kicks from baby as they don't have much room in there to kick and punch like they used to... yeah, starting to question their expertise! If anything, Jay's movements have gotten more aggressive as the weeks go on as he doesn't like having less space and wants to make it known! Seriously, the kid has been beating up my uterus almost non-stop for the past week, only stopping briefly to nap in there! It's to the point where half the time it's a bit painful! lol...

Today also marks 1 MONTH EXACTLY until Jay's estimated due date! Can't believe how these last 8 months have just flown by - where did they go?!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

35 Week Pregnancy Survey

How far along?: 35 weeks, 2 days
How big is baby?: The ultrasound yesterday said he weighed 5lbs, 5oz!
Weight gain?: Still holding steady for 3 weeks straight - I think any weight I've lost due to the diet has been canceled out by Jay's growth
Stretch marks?: Still rubbing lotion on em - they look gross!
Maternity clothes?: Still wearing em
Sleep?: Falling asleep is hard but I'm able to work in sleep throughout the day
Best moment this week?: Growth ultrasound was pretty neat!
Food cravings?: Chocolate this week
Gender?: All boy
Movement?: He's been moving A LOT - thought they were supposed to slow down in there near the end! lol...
Belly button?: Still flat... kinda sad
What I miss?: Being able to eat whatever I feel like
Labor signs?: Belly's been hardening a little bit more this week, as in stronger BH
What I'm looking forward to?: Being able to eat chocolate bars - I *hate* the commercials on TV, makes me crave them!
Milestone?: 5 weeks left to go!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Preggo Brain Strikes Again!

So us preggo ladies get what is often referred to as "Preggo Brain" making us a bit forgetful at times.

I've been having issues with my baby shower date in regards to this!

For months, I've known that it's going to be the last Saturday in January. Sure, originally Sunday was suggested, but we decided Saturday would work best for those coming from out of city/state so they could come in Friday, be there Saturday and have time to get home on Sunday so they didn't have to worry about rushing out on Sunday to be back in time to do whatever for work on Monday.

Makes sense.

For some reason though, and I have NO IDEA why, I keep thinking the date is the 30th when really it's the 29th! I know I've mentioned to people it being on "the last Saturday in January - the 30th" and my poor mom... when I left her info to remember to include on the shower invites I even wrote down the 30th instead of the 29th and she had to go back and change them before sending them out as she caught my mistake! Oops!!

And the cherry on the cake...

I had this strange feeling late last night that on the request off sheet at work that I put down the 30th instead of the 29th! I was about 90% sure I had done that so I had to stop by on my way home today to double check that and sure enough, I was right - I had put down I couldn't work the 30th instead of the 29th... oops! How bad would that have been if the 1 day I was schedule for next week was the 29th and I had to miss my own baby shower?!?!


I got it changed though and they haven't started the schedule for next week yet (they usually do that Tues or Wed) so I should be fine, plus no one else had requested the 29th off either so yeah... not too worried about it now, but I wish I knew why in the world I have the 30th stuck in my head as far as the date goes! lol...

35 week appointment & growth ultrasound

So today I had my 35 week appointment.

It started out just like all my other appointments, with us doing the 20 minute stress test. Jay wasn't as fussy about it this time, as I think he's gotten used to it happening, but he did squirm and kick/punch a little bit but he eventually seemed to give up and went back to sleep for a bit.

Then we had our growth ultrasound to see how much he weighs and how he's measuring.

I noticed when the ultrasound tech was measuring his head that it was measuring a little big as the gestational age the machine gave for it was 36+6. The tech also explained that the "white stuff" we were seeing was his hair, saying that he has quite a bit of hair already! Apparently he's taking after daddy, as daddy has a bit head and I guess when he was born he had so much hair they joked about him needing a haircut! lol...

We didn't get a lot of photos this time around, as he doesn't have that much space so he's kinda squished in there and getting a clear view of his face is a bit tricky - she did get part of the side though!

Right now they said he weighs 5lbs, 6oz and overall he is measuring on target for his gestational age and is measuring in the 32nd percentile.

However... the doctor did go over with me that his femur's measuring a bit small - the machine showed it being about 32weeks when we're in week 35... she said it could be nothing but maybe machine error and so we're going check again in 2 weeks just to make sure. She said it is possible that maybe he's just going to be on the shorter side, inheriting my "shorter" family genes instead of hubby's "tall" genes too. But we won't know for sure until he's born and they measure him outside the womb. She said don't worry about it for now - she thinks it's a bit strange too that we're just now noticing this after how many ultrasounds that we've had.

So that's pretty much it for today - said my glucose numbers are looking fantastic so she's not too concerned about that, just keep doing what I'm doing. And clearly the diet and stuff has worked in slowing his growth down as he's now on target and not measuring all big like he was 6-7 weeks ago.

One thing's for sure - even if he does have shorter legs, he sure knows how to pack a punch with them as it feels like he's constantly beating up my uterus! lol...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

You're hired!

So today I actually had work at The Children's Place, which was nice getting out of the apartment and having a reason to go somewhere. Unfortunately my shift was cut a bit short as it just really wasn't that busy, what with the Bears playoff game going on this afternoon and all, and we really didn't need more than 3 people on shift at a time.

While there though the manager on duty approached me and said they're going to be cutting the seasonal position soon and was wondering if I would be interested in sticking around! Of course I said sure - other than having Jay in less than 5 weeks I really don't have much else going on (they haven't need me to work my "main" job since before Christmas!). She said right now it wouldn't be much - maybe one 4-hour shift a week and being scheduled on-call here and there as they have to keep a close eye on payroll with it being so slow lately, but she said if I wanted to stay on then she'd bump me up to part-time status.

So it looks like I'm getting to stay there!

That'll be nice too when it comes to clothes shopping for Jay as our prices aren't that bad, especially when the sales are going on, plus my employee discount too. Just in the last 2 weeks, we've had our end of season Monster Sale going on for all the winter stuff as we've gotten our spring stuff... I've picked up like 10 really cute items for Jay for roughly $40 thanks to 50% off the original price (or more if it was already marked down) plus my 25% off discount - can't complain about that!

In other news, we've been moving stuff in and out of the apartment to make room for Jay.

This past week I've been working on reorganizing our walk-in closet to make room for the changing table/dresser to fit in there and we've moved the smaller foam couch out of our bedroom to make room for Jay to sleep and some of his stuff we're anticipating getting in the next few weeks. Since we haven't moved yet and most likely won't be til March or April at the earliest at this point we're just making due here and I haven't been able to do the Super Mario Bros nursery I'm planning on doing... yet. I will once we get in a house though! I am make-shifting things though by incorporating Mario Bros other ways, such as smaller paintings to go over his stuff and other decorative accents.

Poor Tiger though, she's been so confused as to what's going on!

When I first cleared some room in the closet she didn't know what to make of it, as she couldn't climb up and across to get to one of the shelves like she normally does. She sat in the center in the closet, looking around for a good minute or so, meowing at me all "what's going on???" And then I came home Thursday and hubby had left the foam couch in our living room so there was room to get the changing table in our bedroom. Tiger made sure to point out to me that the couch was plopped upright (on the side) in the living room and then she proceeded to "show" me the changing table too, lol... the other day hubby was convinced Tiger was pissed that we moved the foam couch out of the bedroom as she was wandering around the room making her crying meow noise like she couldn't figure out where to sit/lay in our bedroom! Since we moved the couch to the other room temporarily she has been sitting, curled up on it every chance she gets!

Tonight though we moved it over to my parents house til we move in a few months so we have more space. They also brought over one of their older office desk chairs since they got new ones and the one we had broke. Tiger's been wandering around here all lost and confused - she doesn't understand the new chair or where her couch went! Poor kitty... she's only going to get more confused in the upcoming weeks after the baby shower (on the 29th) when we start bringing in and setting up more baby stuff, and then we're sure she's going to be confused as to what to make of Jay when we bring him home next month!

A brief update on my father-in-law:
They released him from the hospital Monday afternoon, however as soon as he got home he was having trouble breathing again and requested to go back to the hospital, so he was readmitted on Tuesday and is in a "normal" section of the hospital now rather than a room in the Heart Hospital portion of the place. His heart and lungs are still stable, however they still haven't figured out what the deal is with his kidneys! They started him on dialysis this week, but his first time was cut short as he passed out about an hour into it and they called a "code blue." They tried again the next day, which it seems like he managed it the whole time. He's still there though as they're trying to get the house cleaned up and in a good enough condition for him to be in (there's an old leak in the house that caused some major mold damage in the basement awhile back which we're sure is a big part of the problem). Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers though - it is appreciated!

I have my 35week appointment tomorrow and another "big" growth ultrasound too to see how big Jay is currently and get some idea if we can expect him early or not! Looking forward to it!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Newborn Care Class

Tonight hubby and I attended the newborn care class that our delivering hospital offers. We signed up for it back in October and at the time it seemed so far away... and then here it was! Talk about time flying!

It was a bit of a fun class and they moved us to the room across the hall from where the previous classes we took were, which was nice as the chairs in there were a million times comfier!

They gave us a packet of info to go over like they did in the other classes and we watched some fun videos about things to know when it comes to your newborn in the first month - how to clean em, things to keep any eye out for, etc.

They gave us fake baby dolls too to practice diapering, swaddling, bathing and dressing - she had enough extras to give a doll to each of the daddy's too so they got to participate as well.

Hubby and I both got the minority dolls - mine was Asian while hubby's was black - the dads seemed to have a bit too much fun with the beanies, styling them all funny!

Some of it was kinda no-brainer stuff, while other stuff was good to know, as I guess some things have changed recently (they no longer recommend using baby powder, you no longer need to wait til the cord stump falls off to bathe baby nor do you need to clean the cord stump with alcohol). They also gave us info about their free car seat checks which they offer once a month, as well as things you get at the hospital like free diapers, cleaning care products, and all that stuff - pretty much you can take anything under your baby's bassinet that isn't the linens. They also do footprints on anything you'd like and there's a photographer that'll take your baby's first photo too if you want.

That reminds me - I need to get started on putting together a baby scrapbook for Jay. I have my follow-up doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking I'll try the other Target afterwards to see about a nursing bra and then stop over at Hobby Lobby or Michaels or even Walmart to check out their scrapbooking stuff!

I also started working on some Mario Bros paintings for our apartment here since we most likely won't be in a house until at least March or April. Since we're having the Pack n Play in our bedroom, I'm doing a painting of the start screen from the original Super Mario Bros to put above that, and then where the changing table/dresser is going in our walk-in closet I'm doing 4 panels each with a classic Mario item - the red magic mushroom, the star, the fire power flower, and the 1-up green mushroom - to hang above there.

When I was at the doctor on Monday they went ahead and scheduled my appointments for next week - next Thursday is the 20th of January... exactly 1 month out from Jay's  due date! That realization kinda scared me! I look forward to meeting him in the flesh but at the same time... it just seems all too soon, like it was just summer/fall! Oh well, can't stop time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

34 Week Appointment and other news

Today I had my 34 week appointment, which seemed to take FOREVER as by 9am the my clinic was really backed up for some reason! I was there for 2 hours today when normally it doesn't take more than hour!

I was a bit scatterbrained this morning too - I was being lazy and didn't bother washing my face this morning, opting to throw on some quick mineral foundation, but in my quest to leave and be on time I realized halfway there that I forgot to brush my teeth, trim my "womanly" facial hair and I left my urine sample sitting on the bathroom counter. Honestly, I'm surprised I left the house in actual clothes and not pajamas! lol...

Anyways, we had the stress test again this morning - took us a minute to find Jay's heartbeat as we couldn't find it in the spot we had been the previous times, and they didn't have the volume up quite so loud, but regardless, he started squirming and getting all antsy/fussy like he usually does.

That took about 20 minutes and it was back to the waiting room to wait for our weekly quick ultrasound check of the placenta, fluid and his placement - that was a good 15-20 minute wait. Fortunately they had the movie Despicable Me playing in the waiting room today which was a nice change of movie, as usually they rotate between Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat or one of the older musical classics like Sound of Music.

The ultrasound went quick - it seems Jay is still head down like he needs to be, but he's shifted a little bit which explains why we found his heartbeat for the stress test in a different spot. They said his fluid is measuring at 16.5, but that's still plenty and he seems to still have some space in there too. Next Monday we're doing another growth anatomy scan to see more accurately how he's doing size-wise and if we can expect him to be early or not at this point.

I met with the doctor briefly and was able to get my glyburide prescription refilled. She went over my glucose numbers with me too. A friend on Facebook who has diabetes suggested the other day that I try doing a few minutes of cardio after lunch to see if that helps my number any so I started doing 10 minutes on the exercise bike after lunch on Saturday and Sunday and sure enough, my numbers were under the cutoff. I mentioned it to my doctor and she said if I wanted to keep that up instead of increasing my dosage that that was fine with her, so we're going to try that and see if it continues to work, as the rest of my numbers look good.

I am quite surprised at just HOW MUCH of an affect 10 minutes of cardio after lunch can have on my glucose reading! For example, today I had a Jimmy John's sandwich for lunch and didn't exercise right away as I was a bit tired (more on that in a minute), I took my reading an hour later and it was 150 (remember, my cutoff is 140). I promptly dragged my butt over to the exercise bike and rode it for 10 minutes and took my reading again - 131! Talk about what a huge difference just a little exercise can make!

I've been super tired these past few days though - I practically feel like a narcoleptic I'm so tired during the day! I keep having to taking naps on and off... kinda annoying as I have other things I need to get done (like finish cleaning up our closet or work on my Mario Bros paintings). I also had my first bout of 3rd trimester insomnia as I couldn't for the life of me fall asleep last night - granted, I had Jay beating up on my uterus no matter what position I tried to sleep in, but still... I just could not fall asleep!

I worked at The Children's Place the other night, after hours. They had most of us there working on scanning and counting all the inventory. It wasn't too bad - a bit tedious, but a simple enough job to do. I spent a little time with a scanner but spent most of the night double counting clothes and rotating them.

We need to get finished on the closet in our bedroom in the next few days - I got my side of the closet cleaned out and hubby said he'd work on his tomorrow. I have a few trip-loads of stuff to take to the storage room down the hall though and I know hubby's going to have some stuff to take there of his too. Now the problem is figuring out how to get the changing table here and the couch in our bedroom to my parent's house, as my aunt has the changing table, but they're leaving for vacation on Friday and my uncle is out of town Monday through Wednesday and my dad is out of town til Friday and we need 1 other guy to help us move it. A thought occured to me though that at least 1 of my brother-in-laws is in town on Wednesday so hubby's going to see if maybe he can help... oh but I just realized, we have our Newborn Care Class on Wednesday night so that might not work as I'm sure it's going to take at least an hour to get there, carry it out of storage, drive it back and drop off the couch. Hm...

Also, I have an update on my father-in-law! They sent him today. His heart and lungs are stable, although they're still not entirely sure what the deal is with his kidneys as they're not doing a whole lot better. They are planning on having him do dialysis 3 times a week though to help with them. This is at least a lot better news that the scare we had the other day - there was some talk that he might have myeloma which is a type of cancer and they thought maybe that was causing his kidneys to not function! They tested him for it though and the results were negative, so that's good at least! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers though - they've been much appreciated!

34 Week Pregnancy Survey

How far along?: 34 weeks, 1 day
How big is baby?: His fundal height measured 34cm at our appointment on Thursday, so he's pretty much on target
Weight gain?: Haven't gained any weight in the past week or so, which means my diet is working as Jay is likely growing a little each week so his weight is canceling out my losing weight
Stretch marks?: Been better this week about rubbing the lotion on em
Maternity clothes?: Still wearing em, although my "maternity heels" are fitting a little tight.
Sleep?: I had my first bout of 3rd trimester insomnia last night... and I find myself very tired during the day and having to take naps
Best moment this week?: So far... oh I don't know, to be honest.
Food cravings?: Sweets... most of which I can't have. I hate TV commercials and the Culver's signs with their yummy-sounding flavor of the day on em!
Gender?: All boy
Movement?: He's been beating the crap out of my uterus the last day or so... and he won't leave that spot on my left pelvic bone alone either - it hurts when he hits it!
Belly button?: It's gone - completely flat at this point, I can't even fit a finger in it.
What I miss?: Being able to eat what I want
Labor signs?: The occasional Braxton Hicks still
What I'm looking forward to?: Being done with all the glucose monitoring crap and our next growth anatomy scan next week!
Milestone?: Nothing really this week, although I have been getting Braxton Hicks a bit more than I was previously.

Friday, January 7, 2011

This week's follow-up and glucose frustrations

Yesterday I had my 33 week follow-up appointment, which consisted of the 20 minute Stress Test (which Jay still hates and after a few minutes into it he seems to wake up and starts beating up my uterus) and then a brief meeting with the doctor to go over stuff.

She said everything with Jay looks good and measured his fundal height as being 34cm, which is right on target as I'm starting my 34th week on Sunday.

We went over my glucose readings... I've had some abnormally high readings this week for lunch and I honestly can't figure out why which frustrates me as I'm eating the same meals I've been eating since they put me on the diet and the readings after were fine then but now they aren't. I'm just frustrated as it seems like we get one set of numbers under control (first dinner, then fasting) but then another set goes all out of whack! She told me to get my numbers for Thursday and today and if either were still high to call the nurse after my reading today and see about upping my prescription.

Well... yesterday's number was fine but today's was 16 points over so I called and waited for the nurse to call me back only for her to tell me that both doctors were out for the rest of the day and that she couldn't prescribe me anything without their go-ahead so I'd have to wait til Monday.

Since I'm almost out of the pill (glyburide) I went ahead and refilled the 2nd 2.5mg one that they had written me prior as well as refilled the prescriptions for my meter supplies. Went to pick em up at Walgreens though and they said they couldn't fill the glyburide one yet as they were waiting on my insurance. They asked if my dosage had been upped, which I confirmed, and they said that's why, as the 2.5mg was for 30 days and it hasn't been close enough to the 30 days for them to approve the refill so I need to let my doctor know that... so I'm not going to be to take it on Sunday as I only have enough for tonight and tomorrow - guess I better be prepared to explain why my fasting number might be high on Monday at my appointment. *sigh*

Someone on Facebook who has diabetes mentioned that after meals they do a little bit of exercise which seems to help get their levels down, as it burns some of the sugars. I think I'll start doing that this weekend - hop on the exercise bike for like 10-20 min after lunch and then take my reading when the hour is up and see if that helps it any.

I'm just sooooo frustrated with the stupid glucose stuff! I'm not quite ready for Jay to be here yet, but at the same time I can't wait to be done with the glucose monitoring and all that as it just frustrates me too much, especially right now with my hormones all crazy. It's frustrating how 1 bad/high reading can dampen my entire mood =(

Less than 6 weeks to go... less than 6 weeks to go....

I was able to get my meter test strips for cheaper though this time, as I had enrolled in the Freestyle program and got my membership card. Walgreens said I can use it every time I just have to have it with me and let them know when I pick it up as they have to manually enter the info in each time, so I guess that's good as it saves us nearly $50 on my meter supplies.

I did a little bit of shopping tonight which helped better my mood a little bit.

I had to pick up a few things at Walmart we were running low on or out of and I had to get a storage bin for our walk-in closet as we're going through that this weekend to make room for the changing table/dresser unit that's being brought over later this week. I also bought a knock-off of the "Shoe-Under" product you see on TV as Gordman's had a 12 pair version on sale for $3.99 before Christmas and I checked and it was still on sale. Most my shoes that are currently in our closet I can't wear right now anyway because they're high heels or they're shoes for special occasions that I don't wear all that often anyway and since we need the space, putting them in an organizer under the bed would probably be best for now - as it is, right now I'm only wearing my snow boots, my new Skecher Shape-Ups, my lower block heels, and my slippers.

I also stopped by The Children's Place to check the schedule for this upcoming week - to my surprise I'm *actually* scheduled for hours this week rather than just all call-in's! That excites me. I also bought a few things that were on the winter clearance Monster Sale (take an additional 50% off the current sale price) and with my 25% employee discount I got 4 items for $11 - can't complain about that! I got him 2 fleece hoodie zip-ups and 2 long-sleeve collared onesies.

I think I overdid it, carrying stuff in tonight though, as I didn't want to make multiple trips so I threw everything in the new storage bin and then carried that from my car, up the front steps and into the building (then I dragged it down the stairs and through the hallway). I've been having minor Braxton Hicks contractions off and on since - oops! The annoying thing is though, half the time I think it's a contraction and the other half I can't tell if it's just Jay stretching/pushing hard like he sometimes does as I always feel the contractions on the same side that he's curled up on ><

Nothing too new with my father-in-law as far as we know. Sunday he was breathing on his own without the oxygen tube and then on Tuesday night they moved him out of the ICU and to similar room on a less critical floor. Hubby went up to visit him after work on Wednesday and said his kidney's were doing slightly better, but still not up to par, as previously they were only functioning at 15%. He had a chemical stress test done on his heart on Wednesday as well (where they give you a medicine that has your heart simulate like you're running on a treadmill) but we haven't heard the results of that yet.

Anyways, that's how things are here...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

33 Week Appointment

Today (Monday) I had my 33 week appointment at the doctor's office.

It's becoming quite routine - check-in at the front desk, wait for them to come get me, weigh me, go spend 20 min doing the stress test, head over to ultrasound for a quick check on the placenta and fluid, go back out to the waiting room, get called back again and meet real quick with the doctor where they measure my belly and go over my glucose readings.

Jay DOES NOT seem to like the stress test at all. He was fine for the first few minutes but then started squriming and kicking/punching up a storm several times throughout. He seems to be fussy in the sense he doesn't like anything putting pressure on my belly (aka "his space") and he doesn't seem to like constant beeping noises from machines. 2 non-doctor appointment examples of this: the other morning, hubby rolled over and put his arm across my belly to snuggle, putting a little pressure on it - Jay started kicking/punching at it, like he was telling him to move his arm off "his space" lol... also, when we went to the ER when my father-in-law was first taken to the hospital one of the machines started beeping consistantly like the stress test machines consistantly amplify Jay's heartbeat - he must have heard it as he started squirming and kicking/punching like he was trying to find the plastic monitors they put on me during the stress test to make it stop, lol...

He was pretty active during the ultrasound today - she was trying to check the pocket or whatever where he's mostly hanging out in but was having trouble getting a good measurement as he kept moving, lol...

His heartbeat was up today - 154bpm (it was 133bpm on Thursday, but he after the stress test he went back to sleep so that's probably why).

The doctor said everything with him looks great right now - his fundal height is measuring 33cm still (same as on Thursday) which makes it seem he's slowing down a little bit, growth-wise, as he was measuring 32cm at 28 weeks and there's only been a 1cm change in the last 5 weeks. 33cm is right where it should be at 33 weeks, so that's good. They said the placenta still goods and healthy and he's got plenty of fluid still. They said my weight was good too. So it seems like as far as he goes, the diet they have me on is working.

My glucose levels had a few "high" ones over the weekend - 2 of my lunches were just slightly over, however I asked the doctor if it was possible that they were high because I ate breakfast and lunch within a few hours of each other and she said it's very likely. Not sure why my fasting number this morning was quite high though... we're going to wait and see how the next few days go and decide on Thursday if they need to up my dosage or not.

So, that's that for now.

33 Week Survey

How far along?: 33 weeks, 1 day
How big is baby?: His fundal height measured 33cm at our appointment today - right as it should be!
Weight gain?: Today's weigh-in showed I've gained a total of 28lbs so far
Stretch marks?: They look gross but rubbing lotion on them most nights
Maternity clothes?: Yep - same as previous weeks
Sleep?: I wake up once in the middle of my sleeping time to go pee
Best moment this week?: Not really sure, it's been a bit of a tough week
Food cravings?: Warm gooey cheesey goodness, chocolate
Gender?: All boy still
Movement?: He seems to *hate* the twice weekly stress tests they have me doing as well as any loud consistent beeping machine noise
Belly button?: Flat =(
What I miss?: Being able to wear fun/cute heels
Labor signs?: The occasional Braxton Hicks but that's it
What I'm looking forward to?: Making room in our apartment for Jay =)
Milestone?:  Well we made it to the new year and it seems the diet is working as his fundal height has at least slowed down

Monday, January 3, 2011

A not so great start to the new year

So I hope the start of this new year isn't a sign of how the rest of the year is going to go because if that's the case, I'm a bit scared!

We found out early yesterday that my father-in-law was being taken to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing all night. We all thought he also had pneumonia the last few weeks as well and figured it was somehow related that.

Hubby was able to get someone to cover for him at work and he came home several hours early and we got cleaned up and went to the ER where we met up with his mom and sister and his dad.

We learned that he had fluid in his heart and his lungs and that officially they had declared him having congestive heart failure and there was also something wrong with his kidneys as they weren't functioning correctly. They had him breathing with a CPAP mask (which he hated having on) and we all kept having to tell him to shut up and stop talking and just focus on breathing which is hard to get him to do as he's the type of person that loves to talk and will talk to anyone and everyone about anything and everything! Prior to us getting there they had given him morphine too to help take the edge off as he was panicking a lot when he first went in.

After several hours in an ER room they moved him up to the ICC ward and we spent the rest of the afternoon and a good bit of the evening in the waiting room as they got him settled and he was finally able to rest a bit.

They said his condition status was "guarded" meaning that he's stable, but he could go either way all depending on how well he and his system cooperates with everything.

We went back up this afternoon for a little bit and to be honest he looked a good deal better than he did yesterday and his breathing was quite a bit better too (they had him on oxygen). Of course he was talking up a storm like usual though!

They had ruled out a blood clot as a cause of concern and had run a bunch of tests on him before we got up there, however they still weren't entirely sure as to what had caused the congestive heart failure (they seemed to have ruled out him having pneumonia too, believing that really it was just the start of the congestive heart failure which the symptoms can mimic pneumonia). They did say his kidneys were only functioning at 15% though, which isn't good and they weren't really sure why they weren't functioning correctly - there had been quite a bit of talk of how if it didn't improve at all they were going to consider starting him on dialysis in a few weeks!

They have some more tests and diagnostics to run on him - he'll most likely be there the rest of the week at least.

The family is hanging in there. My mother-in-law seemed more so annoyed and upset at my father-in-law yesterday, as when he went to the doctor just before Christmas to get the pneumonia checked out he was strongly advised to go to the hospital and have them run some tests on his heart, however he didn't go and she feels this could have been prevented or at least caught earlier had he listened and gone. My brother-in-laws all seem to be hanging in there, at least from the outside, but who knows how they're actually feeling on the inside. Hubby's little sister (she's 12) seemed a bit worried yesterday when we got there, as she clung onto hubby for a good bit; we found out today she's a bit bored at the hospital so we told my mother-in-law if she wants to come hang out at our place she's welcome to do so as we have the cat here as well as TV and video games that she can keep herself entertained with. Hubby was doing alright yesterday, distracting himself with video games when we got home last night, but when we got to the hospital this afternoon he broke down a few times, poor guy... he rarely ever cries =( I'm trying to be supportive of him and the rest of the family as I know it's gotta be hard for them whether they show it on the outside or not.

Please keep my father-in-law and the family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through and the doctors try to figure out what the cause is and how to fix it - it's much appreciated!

Starting to get our home ready for baby!

Tonight I packed up all our Christmas stuff and move it to storage. I just need to vacuum where our tree was sometime tomorrow (today) since hubby went to bed early and I'd rather vacuum the whole apartment at once then do the living room now and the bedroom later. Our living room looks a bit bare now though without the tree in the corner!

The other big project this month is to clean up/out our walk-in bedroom closet.

Odds are, at this point we aren't going to be moving til probably March or April (we hope!) which means Jay'll be here for a good month or 2 before all that happens to we need to make some space for him. In our bedroom we have a smaller couch on one wall which we're planning on storing over at my parent's house in their basement for the time being so we can set up the Pack n Play thing we're hoping to get as well as a small shelving unit on our registry with a few canvas bins to put some of Jay's smaller toys in as well as baby books and our smaller CD player to play lullabies. We're planning on using the Pack n Play as a crib for when he takes naps during the day so I can close the bedroom door to keep Tiger and he can be a quieter enviroment and then at night we're hoping to get this co-sleeper thing where basically baby sleeps in bed with you but that way when he wakes up in the middle of the night for a feeding you can just lay and "side feed" him rather than get up and out of bed and all that and then you can both fall back asleep easily.

So the closet... my aunt has a nice changing table/dresser unit that she had for my cousin that she said we can use. I figured that if I go through my clothes and pack ones I don't wear often or are way out of season right now I can free up one of the 3 walls in there and we can put the changing table/dresser on that wall. But in order to do that we also need to make more room in the closet for the laundry baskets as hubby has several crates/totes of stuff that can really actually go to storage, but we need to sort all that stuff out. And this has to be done by the end of next weekend as my aunt is leaving for vacation on the 14th and we need to get the changing table/dresser before then.

So basically, this month is just a lot of sorting and organizing stuff to make room for Jay and all the baby stuff we're going to be accumulating after our baby shower at the end of the month. At least once we get the changing table/dresser unit in place I can finally start putting some of his stuff away, as we have "the box o' Jay" in our living room which is basically a box that's on the verge of overflowing with all the clothes and other stuff we've been given or bought for him already!

I also need to buy a nursing bra or 2, as my current bra I bought a few months ago is no longer comfy and I need a nursing one anyway, I've just been putting it off til the end here as I didn't want to buy it too soon and end up with ones that are too small!