Monday, December 6, 2010

The results are in!

I got a call this morning from my clinic letting me know my labwork was back from my 3hour glucose screening I did on Friday.

Here's my results:
Fasting blood draw - 83 (cutoff is 100, so that was normal)
1st blood draw post-glucose drink - 158 (cutoff is 180, so this was normal)
2nd blood draw post-glucose drink - 168 (cutoff is 150, so this was high)
3rd blood draw post-glucose drink - 163 (cutoff is 139, so again, high).

Apparently you need 3 out 4 of your draws to be "normal" to not have the gestational diabetes - only 2 of mine were, so turns out, I do have the gestational diabetes (as we kind of figured I would).

The lady from the lab said that a girl from Maternal Fetal Monitoring would be contacting me in the next few days, after clearing everything with our insurance, to set up an appointment for me to come in and go over diet and nutrition, as well as how to monitor my glucose levels. They also said that since Jay is measuring big, they'll do an ultrasound there as well as I guess their ultrasound machine is more elaborate, thorough, and high tech than the one at my clinic - they want to be able to see if he's just big or if it's the amniotic fluid due to the gestational diabetes causing him to measure bigger than he should be at this point, as GD can play a part in that.

I'm not too thrilled - especially since Christmas is right around the corner and there's soooo many sweets. I'm a bit bummed I can't really eat Christmas cookies this year (and I refuse to make them since I can't eat em as I'll be too tempted to eat too many, having them around here). Also, the diet doesn't sound too nice (from what I've read) but I guess it's doable.

I keep telling myself, I'm already 29 weeks along, full-term is 37-40 weeks, so we figure I only have to suffer through this for another 8-11 weeks (and probably closer to 8 weeks, as hubby and I both have this strong, strange feeling he's going to be early) as GD tends to go away after delivery.

Today was also a bummer of a day for me - I had a "call in" shift at work, which I was hoping they'd let me come in and work it as they canceled both my shifts last week and I really want to work or at least do something. I need an excuse to get out of the house, but I can't always afford to go out or visit my friend across town as we're tight on money right now and watching our expenses and it takes gas to go places.

I tried to call my mom and let her know about my results, but as it's been the past few weeks, I can never seem to get ahold of her. I know, she's been busy with the costuming up at church for the Christmas program this weekend, but it's just frustrating when I call every number I have to reach her at, multiple times, leave messages for her to call me back, and I never hear anything. Hopefully after next week she'll be more accessible, but yeah... I'm a bit worried that if I go into early labor, my family's going to be the last to know as it seems like no one in that house can answer their phones =(

What really threw me over the edge today was when I was looking for a top I could have sworn I put in the laundry to be washed but couldn't find it in there no matter how hard I looked, and on top of that I noticed I broke another nail.

I started crying, hubby came home soon after, and we snuggled for a bit as I was just really frustrated with everything so far today and hormones were making me all sad panda over stupid little stuff.

Jay's being a bit of a butt today too - like he's purposely trying to stretch out as much as possible, throwing painful punches and kicks in the process! He's been pushing on my uterus it seems, and then once he's pushes with all his might in there, he gives it a good kick or punch! Neither the strong pushing or the kicks/punches are very comfortable to me though! lol...

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