Saturday, September 24, 2011

A mini work vacation

I've had the past few days off work because my parents went up to Door County and so I have no one to watch Jay really when hubby and I would both be working so Little Man and mommy have been having fun together!

Today was a good day - did a bit of shopping and Jay was a pleasant little shopping buddy for the most part!

We had some stuff to get at Target and while there, we passed the $1 section near the front and I got him a plastic orange pumpkin bucket for trick or treat - he LOVED it and played with the whole time we were in the store and didn't want to give it up for the lady to scan it! He also threw a bit of a fit when we were riding in the car and he dropped it and couldn't reach it and of course I was driving so I couldn't get it for him either =(

He was a flirt at all the stores we went to though!

For dinner, hubby and I went got sushi and Jay sat in a high chair while we ate (we tried letting him sit in his carrier, but he got mad when he realized we were in a restaurant and he wasn't in a high chair at the table, lol...). They have these little plastic cups you can put soy sauce or other sauces in - we gave Jay a cup and a pair of chopsticks to keep him occupied while we ate. He didn't care much for the chopsticks but OMG he LOVED the little plastic cup! It was just the right size for him to pass back and forth in his hands and he had a blast playing with it, carrying it with him to the car, playing with it as he rode in his seat and then playing with it at home!

Also, while at home and I was putting groceries away in the kitchen Jay was crawling around on the floor when he decided to pull himself up to his knees, holding on this walker. Then, once he was on his knees, he continued to pull himself up into a standing position, where he then proceeded to play with his Winnie the Pooh figures that were on the walker tray (which btw, in the few weeks he's had those things, they've taken quite a beating! lol...). Eventually the walker moved, but, knowing it would happen, I was right there when he started to fall and kept him from it happening.

He's getting to be so big! Hard to believe he's turning 8 months old in just over a week - I *just* got used to telling people he's 7 and a half months old when they ask!

He "crawls" (which for his the military crawl, but boy is he fast at it!) all over the place now and discovered today that he can drop toys down the stairs by sliding them through the rails of our metal gate!

Thursday hubby took off work a bit early and we met him for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, which Jay usually enjoys (restaurants have started giving him the kid's menu too, which is funny as he usually destroys the paper ones, lol...) and then he joined us at the indoor playground, which Jay seemed to really like having us both there doing something fun with him outside the house (that doesn't happen too often, aside from our Friday night trips out to dinner and Walmart). He played a bit more this week than he did last week (last week he stayed glued to me and just sat and watched the other kids play). We got him climbing and crawling a bit, smacking around the squishy noodles that hang down in one part of the baby play area and he had a blast hanging onto the safety netting too!

He also seems to have taken a liking to The Wiggles, much to his daddy's dismay, lol... when The Wiggles "Wiggle and Learn" segment comes on during the Sprout's Sharing Show I know that's a good 5-10 minutes where I don't have to hear him screaming to get out of the playpen when I'm trying to get ready to go out as for some reason it completely catches his attention! lol...

He's growing up so fast though! He regularly holds himself up on the edges of the furniture now too, like the couch and the coffee table... my baby's growing up! Not quite sure how I feel about this, but I guess he can grow up to be about pre-school sized, then he can stay mommy's little guy forever! =D

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