Thursday, March 24, 2011

House stuff and more!

So we had the home inspection this past Monday and it went well - no major surprises, just a few smaller things that we can do ourselves or have my dad and uncle help out with.

The only issue on the main floor is that the thermostat cover or whatever needs to be replaced - you can adjust the temperature and it works but the numbers on the panel don't work - they said you can replace that for about $20-50. On the deck, we need to put support posts or something under the ends of this section that juts out (it seems to be an add on for a grill) as there's only the support beam in the middle and not on the sides, making the edges not safe. Downstairs is our main issue - there's a section along the baseboard in the lower level bedroom where it looks like there was mold or water damage. They said it's an easy fix though as we just have to pull up that section of the drywall, patch it up underneath and then replace the drywall. And they said on the outside we can just take a hoe and level out the slope on the yard above so that it's not sloping towards the house there. The only other thing is an issue with the electrical box - hubby got the details on that and they said it'd be something real simple that my uncle could take care of no problem (he's an electrician).
This in a light tan/mocha color
We went out and bought our living room furniture too, or well, at least put a deposit on it. Slumberland has their Mega Sale - 55% off stuff - going on through this week and they had some really nice 5 piece living room sets (a sofa, loveseat, 2 end tables and a coffee table) for under $1000 so naturally we jumped at the chance as it really is a good deal and we need furniture for our front room upstairs since the majority of our furniture is going in the rec room downstairs. We're planning on putting it on our credit card but have to wait til after we close so it doesn't screw up hubby's credit any, but that works out as they have to order it from the manufacturer warehouse and won't be in til around our closing date anyway.

We're also shopping around for a fridge and washer/dryer too and I plan on painting Jay's room all Super Mario Bros-esque - I'll be sure to post pics!

We're planning on closing the first week of April - around the 4th or 5th I believe. Can't believe how soon it's happening! We already started packing and I'm getting us more boxes tomorrow too as we ran out of bigger ones.

As far as Jay goes...

I need to call back the children's hospital in Madison tomorrow and set up a time next week for his appointment up there.

He also decided the bath tub needed to be turned into a fountain the other night as we just finished bathing him. Right before we had a chance to pick him up out of the tub he made a bit of fountain... and then he did it again 2 seconds later! Hubby and I were cracking up, as the surprised "whoa" face he made while doing it was the icing on the cake!

Jay also had a big day on Monday - my mom meets with a group of ladies most Monday mornings for coffee and they were throwing her a Grandma Baby Shower and had invited Jay and I to come. He got passed around from lady to lady... needless to say, he slept pretty good the rest of the day!

He's also increased his feeding too, eating usually 3.5oz, although there's been a few times he's done 4, 4.5oz and earlier today he finished off an entire 5.5oz bottle!

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