Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Target Tuesday #1

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_EJTcKy_whR0/TIPAnbB1M7I/AAAAAAAABIM/_kIxSp2G3-o/s1600/Target_05_1+25_RED+1.jpgI decided to start taking part in a weekly link-up called Target Tuesday which was started by the lovely Ms. Tara over at Fabulous but Evil. Each week bloggers can "link-up" and share some of their favorite finds at Target. Not sure if I'll be able to take part in it weekly, but I'd like to try!

For those who got here via the link-up, welcome to my "baby" blog as it's dubbed, but since baby boy has been born the blog's expanded to be more family/home/life-oriented. I do have also have a "catch all" blog - Point Me to the Sky Above - if you'd like to check out my ramblings on anything and everything over there too!

So... this week at Target I'm sharing some of my recent baby-oriented finds!

Sesame Street "Shake a Leg" Board Book
I LOVE reading this book to Jay on a near daily basis as it's so interactive. Each page has a different motion for you to do, such as shaking your legs, patting your head, rubbing your tummy, swinging your arms, honking your nose, and more. I often take Jay's little hands and do the actions on him so it's him patting his head or rubbing his tummy and not mommy. He seems to like though and the pictures use bright colors and a variety of characters from Sesame Street too so there's plenty for him to look at on the pages. We bought this book with money my grandparents had sent him.
Summer Infant SuperSeat Activity Seat

This booster activity seat by Summer is really neat as you can use it with the activity tray on it for when they're just babies and then when they get to be toddlers you can remove the tray and use it as a booster seat at the table! I like the idea of the activity/exersaucer tables for babies, but most of them are really big and take up a lot of space. This one seems to be a bit smaller which I would prefer! I actually got this at a steal of a price at Target as they had the wrong price for it on the shelf, despite the price it was ringing up at - since the price on the shelf was $13 instead of $40 they went ahead and gave it to me at the lower price! Score! We haven't set it up or used it yet - Jay can't sit up on his own yet - but I plan on putting it together once we get moved into the new house! Hopefully he'll enjoy it.
Cosco "Barnyard Buddies" Sprinter Travel System

We registered for this one and got it and so far it's been great to have! When we were looking at carseats and strollers we decided we liked the idea of a simple travel system rather than having all different pieces. This one is a 3-in-1 set, as it's got the baby carrier that comes with a base that can convert it into a car seat and then, since all the pieces work together via the "latch" system, you can snap the carrier onto the stroller for when they're littler! It works really well, considering as far as travel systems go, price-wise it was the cheapest one they had when we registered. The design is nice too as it's gender neutral brown and tan with red trim and the print is a barnyard animal theme - I didn't want anything too boyish so that we could reuse it again in the future if we end up having a girl at some point down the road. There's a matching high chair that goes with this also. It was pretty easy to assemble too, my only complaint is that the handle bar on the stroller is too wide making it so I can hang the diaper bag from it, although I guess that's more of a complaint with the diaper bag for not having wide enough straps!

Product Image up & up Baby Wipes Unscented Refill Pack - 792 Count
Up & Up Target Brand Unscented Baby Wipes
Seems like a silly thing that you can buy anywhere but I choose to buy our baby wipes at Target as they have the best price on them (yes, better than Walmart!). I get the unscented in the 3 refill size for about $4.50 (although I guess the bigger refill size for $13 couldn't hurt) and it lasts a few weeks. These wipes hold up pretty well too.
Product Image Just One Year RobeFrog
Just One Year Frog Robe

I noticed these too cute little baby bath robes last time we were there but we weren't shopping for baby and so hubby wouldn't let me get it at the time but I intend on picking it up sometime in the near future as it's just too cute! Now the froggy one is the only one they have online but they had 2 others available in the store as well - one in pink and I want to say the other is either blue or yellow. We have hooded bath towels that we use to dry him off after his baths but I think using the bath robe to get him to and from the tub would be nice idea, as he howls while in transit but is fine when he's in the actual tub - it would keep him a little bit warmer I think! Plus it's just too darn cute!

Product Image Bright Starts Activity Gym, Lion In The Park
Bright Starts "Lion in the Park" Activity Gym
This is a simple activity playmat for baby that works great for Tummy Time. It folds easily for storage, is easy to put together and has several fun items attached to it including a rattle, teether, mirror, plastic links, and a ladybug that plays 4 melodies. We didn't think he needed anything elaborate or fancy as far as a playmat is concerned, so if you're looking for a simple playmat that doesn't have a million bells and whistles on it that you can use for Tummy Time I'd recommend this one!

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