Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 months and rice cereal

Today Jay is officially 3 months old!

Wow, does time fly! Seems like it was just the beginning of February with the big snowstorm, then he was here and we were struggling the first few weeks... hard to believe it's already May and summer is just right around the corner!
1st taste of solid food - Gerber rice cereal
3 months old
We decided to try giving him some of the Gerber rice cereal stuff you mix with his milkies, as the doctor told us at his 2 month check-up that we could go ahead and try it if we wanted, to get him used to the concept of eating from a spoon. We thought 2 months was a little young but decided we'd give it a try when he reached 3 months.

He took the spoon pretty well but fussed almost the entire time we were feeding him the rice cereal, until we let him drink from the bottle for a bit. He finished the bowl (which was 1 TBSP rice cereal, 4ish TBSP his milkies). We figured we'll try it twice a day - there were spurts where he'd eat it from the spoon just fine for a good minute or so but then he'd start fussing for the bottle.

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