Monday, May 16, 2011

What's in my purse - mommy edition!

Being a mommy now, most of the time I don't carry a purse anymore - instead I carry a diaper bag!

1. The Diaper Bag
It's green and black and by Just One You (by Carter's)

2. Jay's little summer hat I bought him at work (The Children's Place)

3. Jay's little sunglasses I also bought him at work, however they're a little too big for his face as his nose isn't quite big enough yet to hold them in place on his face, lol...

4. Yellow lion snack cup which I use to store his binky in sometimes

5. Bright Starts baby rattle

6. Bright Starts lion wrist rattle, although we haven't used this much yet

7. Baby hairbrush

8. My keys, and yes, one of them is a metal WoW horde symbol =)

9. Gum - this is a new addition and it's the Trident Layers gum you see on TV. By the way, it's a lot smaller than it looks in the commercial!

10. Make-up - I got my Mary Kay compact which holds 6 eyeshadows and eye applicator brushes as well as a lipstick or lipgloss and I found a few extra Mary Kay lipglosses I had thrown in the bag too, oops!

11. My phone - the original Motorola Droid and my main connection with the outside world as I don't get near an actual computer all that often anymore.

12. My wallet - it holds money, cards, checkbook, coupons, etc. I bought it at Gordman's a year ago and I love it!

13. Mary Kay Satin Hands Lotion, cuz you never know when your hands are going to get dry!

14. Hand Sanitizer, cuz you're touching a baby, duh!

15. PartyLite S-Pod deoderizor. It's a mini air freshener type product that keeps the baby bag smelling nice

16. Desitin diaper rash ointment.

17. Mini Lanolin nipple oinment - not sure why it's still in there as we stopped breastfeeding a few months ago...

18. Target diaper wipes - Target's got the best price on wipies IMO

19. Pamper's diaper pouch with diapers in it

20. Jay's favorite blankie, which I started carrying around with us after a few really windy days. Comes in handy as I can drape it over his carrier if it's real windy out when we're walking to/from the car or we can tuck it in around his arms and legs and body if it's real cold out to keep him warm.

21. Jay's stuffed Elmo. Okay, so this one gets put in the bag as he keeps it with him most of the day as it's his favorite toy right now. Seriously, the kid loves his Elmo... that is, when daddy isn't attacking him with it, lol...

22. Huggies Little Swimmers SPF 50 sunblock. I bought this the other week and good thing too as it came in handy when went for a walk last week on a really hot sunny day!

23. Jay's immunization record sheet. I keep this one of the sides of the bag so I have it with me when we go to the doctor's office as I know if I don't keep it in there I'll likely forget it at home.

24. A spare bottle, just in case he gets hungry while we're out. We use the Gerber Nuk brand as that seems to be the kind Jay prefers (we've tried other bottles)

25. A bottle tote - there's usually an icepack we put in here too as it keeps the bottles cool after we use them if Jay doesn't drink it all so we don't have to waste milkies

26. Munchkin brand 3 slot formula dispenser. This thing is genius if you're formula feeding as you can measure out the amount you need beforehand into 3 slots of the bowl and it has a hole with a cover that you pop open and pour into the bottle. Get this at Target or Walmart - BabiesRUs charges over $5 for it and I got it at Target for around $3.

27. Mini 1st Aid Kit - it has bandaids and stuff in it, cuz with a kid, you never know when you might need it.

28. A burpie cloth

29. A bib

30. Changing pad

31. Arm and Hammer diaper trashbag dispenser. Someone gave this to me at my baby shower and I put it in the diaper bag not knowing when I would need to use it. I got some use out of it the other day as I was in Gordman's and had to change Jay in the dressing room. I put his poopie diaper in one of these bags and stuck it in the side of the diaper bag until I found a trashcan and it kept it from making a mess and blocked the smell too!

What's in your bag?

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