Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A weekend of news

This weekend has been full of new things for us.

He was beating the table too, like "Give. Me. Pancakes!"
Friday evening I had to work and didn't get home til a little before 11pm as the store was pretty trashed and there was only 2 of us to pick everything up. We always go out for dinner on Fridays but since it was so late we opted for something 24hrs and instead of our usual choice of Denny's for late-night diners, we went to IHOP as I had a coupon for a free entree. It was time for Jay to eat his bedtime bottle too so I picked him up out of his carrier and started feeding him as we waited for our food, but he was too excited about sitting up at the table - we decided to try letting him sit in the restaurant's high chair and well, he seemed to enjoy it!

Saturday they didn't need me to go into work, so after putting away all the groceries we bought at Sam's Club that afternoon (which I LOVE shopping there!) I played with Jay in his bedroom for a bit while daddy went into work. I've had a container of my old blocks in there that I brought over awhile back from my parent's house, however I hadn't really went through and thought they were all 1 type of block but turns out I had some soft plastic ones and some wooden block blocks in there too! I cleaned em off and gave em to Jay and he seemed to enjoy them! He also sat up with no support and played with them for a good 15-20 minutes too! He did that on Friday as well and seems to be getting better at sitting by himself!

He also pushed the empty diaper box in the photo below across the room, while "military crawling" the whole way - he's getting sooooo close to actually crawling, as he's got the stance down but then resorts to the military crawl where he drags/pushes himself instead, lol...

This photo also cracks me up as it's got him and Tiger having a stare down too (and no, she wasn't getting ready to pounce - she had been sitting/laying down watching him and got up to stretch, lol...)

Oddly though, bedtime the last few nights have been rough - you can tell he's tired as he's rubbing his eyes and getting all fussy, but he DOESN'T want to go to bed. I'll hold him and try to get him to snuggle and calm down... read to him, sing to him... and he's fine til you put him the crib and then he freaks out! It's been 3 nights in a row now - unless he's completely passed out when you put him down, he doesn't want to go to bed and we have to just let him cry it out til he wears himself out enough to fall asleep. I hate letting him cry it out, but nothing else seems to work! I think part of it is the separation anxiety but still... mommy always comes for him when he needs me and he knows that deep down.


  1. he is so cute! hang in there momma, I know bedtime struggles are the worst!

  2. Thanks and yeah they are... I *hate* letting him cry it out but don't know what else to do that we haven't already tried.