Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jay's 1st Halloween!

Growing up, we went Trick or Treating every year until we were too old and it wasn't cool anymore (then we'd pass out candy). Not that we were celebrating Satan or anything like that, but just as a fun time to dress up with everyone as part of tradition. Every since my sister was too old to dress up for it, my mom has looked forward to making costumes for her grandkids and I admit, I looked forward to dressing my own kids up in cute, awesome little costumes too - especially after seeing friends and acquaintances showing off their kids in adorable little costumes!

While hubby's family never partook in Halloween traditions (his dad absolutely HATES Halloween) let alone any holiday kid traditions (ie: easter bunny, Santa), we had to come to a compromise. Basically, he got his way with us not doing Santa, the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy, but my mom and I would get to dress our kids up all cute and take them to our church's Trunk or Treat outreach event if they wanted, so long as they weren't dressed as anything scary or evil.

Baby Wicket the Ewok!!
For Jay's first Halloween we dressed him up as the cute and cuddly Wicket the Ewok from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Originally I was thinking he'd make a cute little Yoda, but after watching Return of the Jedi once again over the summer I thought the Ewoks were just too darn cute and cuddly and decided Jay should definitely be an Ewok. Plus, since the costume is essentially a bear outfit, it would be nice and warm with the fur since it tends to always be cold on Halloween around here (I believe this year it was in the 40s!).

My mom's a seamstress so obviously she did the costume for us! And it turned out GREAT! And completely kept him warm too! While I didn't dress up too much, I did find a cream sweater and I did my hair in Princess Leia buns (cuz, ya know, Leia's hanging out with the Ewoks for the last half of Return of the Jedi) - a few people recognized Jay and I as Princess Leia and an Ewok and commented how awesome we were =)

Leia and baby Ewok
We took him over to my mom's for a visit, walked 3 houses over to my old neighbors who had requested we stop by with him and then down the street to my aunt's house to say hi before heading up to our church's Trunk or Treat outreach event (it's basically a safe alternative in town for trick or treating as hello - we've been in Forbes' top 10 most dangerous cities for 2 years in a row now and there's lots of areas in the town, especially on the west side and down near the river, that just aren't safe for anyone, let alone kids, to be walking around at night). He really seemed to enjoy it though, as there were so many people dressed up as fun characters.

He got some candy he can snack on too and for his piece tonight he selected a Reese's cup, which he devoured and then threw up 2 seconds later before bouncing around on the couch, lol...

Gotta say, my favorite part of Halloween is the cute, creative costumes people come up! I haven't seen too many people on Facebook post party-related ones (probably cuz most of us are married with kids now, lol...), but at Trunk or Treat I did see an adorable little Spongebob and Sandy the Squirrel!! Hubby also showed me a picture of one of his co-workers who dressed up with his son as UPS delivery men! Hubby said he'd like to do that with Jay one year, which I think would be cute!

Trick or Treating for our city started at 530 and went til 730. We were home til about 645, as hubby had to work til 6 and I wanted Jay to take a little bit of a nap before we went out for the evening, so I got to pass out candy for a bit. Unfortunately our doorbell only ran like 6 times - a few kids solo and a few groups of small kids with their parents (one very little girl - think it might have been our neighbors - was dressed in a cute Eeyore costume!). One kid, whom I would guess as being about 8 years old, was dressed as Michael Meyers - maybe I'm getting old, but doesn't it seem a bit inappropriate for young kids like that to be dressed as serial killers? One girl I know on Twitter posted that one kid reminded her of the infamous Dexter, as his response to her asking who he was was that he kills people! Oh well... we left the bowl out when we went up for Trunk or Treat (which was from 630-8ish) and sadly, when we got home around 9 it looked like no one had touched it! Oh well, guess I know not to get a huge bag for next year!

How was your Halloween? 
What cute/creative costumes did you see this year?