Monday, November 15, 2010

26 week appointment

Today we had our 26 week doctor's appointment - the last of our 4 week check-ups as we now start going in every 2 weeks.

No ultrasound photos today as we're done with ultrasounds for awhile (probably won't have another one until closer to the end) however the nurse practitioner they have me seeing (since my regular doctor retired from the practice in the time since our last appointment and they haven't assigned me to one of the other 2 doctor's on staff yet) said my ultrasound photos and stuff from our anatomy scan we did last time all look good, so nothing major there!

She said weight-wise I'm right on target (I've gained about 25lbs so far and most weight I gain from this point on should be all Jay), my blood pressure is good and my length (from measuring the top of my belly to my pubic bone) is good too.

We went to listen to Jay's heartbeat and clock it, however - like usual - he didn't want to stay still enough to make it easy for her to find and hear with the doppler!

She was moving it all around my belly and all we could hear was him moving around like usual, then she would stop as she thought she had found a good spot to hear it and count and WHAM! Jay would kick or punch the doppler! lol... It was pretty funny and I even started laughing as he kept doing it! She asked me if my previous doctor had trouble finding and hearing it due to all the movement as well and I assured her that yes, all the previous times they've used the doppler it's taken at least a minute for them to be able to hear it well enough as he doesn't seem to like to stay still, lol...

She finally was able to hear his heartbeat well enough to do a quick count and said his it's in the 150s which is good.

She went over the Glucose Challenge Test that I get to do next time I come in, which is how they check for gestational diabetes. I'm not supposed to eat anything sweet the day of the test (she recommended eating eggs and sausage for breakfast with water), as they'll give me a sugary drink when I get there and then I wait an hour and then they draw some blood. She said it's important not to eat anything sweet that day prior to the test because if I fail it then I have to come back in for the 3 hour version and they stick me a lot more.

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