Monday, November 8, 2010

Random pains and working for the holidays

Just wanted to mention a few things today.

First off, I awoke earlier this morning with the worst lower back pain on my left side EVER!

I've been at the stage where sleeping isn't very comfortable, regardless of which side I sleep on. I usually start on my left side but switch over sometime to the right side and then back again. And yes, I sleep with a body pillow between my legs as well, but I always seem to wake up whatever side is on bottom feeling numbing and hurting and needing to roll over. Honestly, laying on my back seems to be the most comfortable however after our trip to the ER they specifically told me not to lay on my back when sleeping or resting as the weight of my uterus is pushing down on everything else.

Anyways though, like usual, I woke up shortly after hubby left for work to go empty my bladder since I can't make it through the night/morning without having to get up at least once for that and when I got back in bed to sleep a little more... omg the lower left side of my back hurt soooo bad - I almost thought I was going to have to lay in bed all day til hubby got home to rub it, it hurt that bad! Fortunately I laid on my right side and it went away eventually, but ouch!

Also, yesterday I got a call from The Children's Place, saying they'd like to offer me a seasonal position! Yay!

I was half awake when they called in the morning (hubby and I decided to sleep in since he didn't have to go into Verizon until later in the day) so I called them back a few hours later and told them that I was definitely still interested! They said the 3rd manager (who seems to be the one in charge) is out til Tuesday but they would put me on her list of calls to make so that she could figure out what day this week I can come in and start training.


Like my friend that also works retail was saying, there really wasn't much she couldn't do while she was pregnant at work - the only thing I can think that might be a problem is if I need to lift/carry boxes. I can carry/lift some, but not a whole lot. Other than that though, I don't think there's much that should be an issue so I shouldn't have any problems.

I get a 25% employee discount there too, which is also good on sale and clearance items. I could see this being bad, especially since I started eying some cute little long sleeved polos while there the other day! Mom said though that if there's anything I want, to let her know and she'll give me the money for it so I can buy it and use my discount, even though it'll be from "Grandma" hehe... they'll start getting their spring stuff in come mid-December or so too and I'd like to get a cute little suit-type outfit for Jay for Easter, so I'm sure the discount will come in handy for that too!

I am excited though - I've been sitting home bored for far too long and I look forward to having something to do during the days!

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