Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working and shopping

Today (Saturday, although I guess it's technically Sunday now) I worked my 2nd shift at The Children's Place, this time getting some training in on the cash register.

I think it went pretty well - I seem to do just fine with normal transactions, although I'm not completely comfortable yet when it comes to doing returns and exchanges.

It doesn't help that they have a whole new process for returns/exchanges as well that requires scanning a state ID or driver's license, which many places in our mall have also adopted a similar policy, although quite a bit of customer's don't seem fond of the idea and got a little snooty about it as it takes a tad bit longer (one woman complained it was taking 15 minutes, when really it was more like 5 and that partly due to them explaining what they were doing to me as they did it so I knew what was going on to get some idea of how to do it). The reason behind this "new" policy (which I guess Victoria's Secret has been doing for awhile now) is because people were abusing the return policy, returning things every other day to get a better sale price on it and with scanning the ID now, it automatically keeps track how many times the same person returns the same things and let's us know when they reached the return limit for that item (I think it's like 3 times in a 45 day period). Sure it's a bit of a pain and takes just slightly longer, but it makes sense and clearly we're not the only store at the mall that's adopted this method for returns.

It was a bit amusing though, as several customers (and employees) asked me about my baby bump. This one customer, I swear she was playing 20 questions with me, lol... she asked one question, and then another, and then another and just kept going! At one point I was thinking "okay, you're starting to get a tad too personal for being a complete stranger!" when she started asking about his name and other details, lol... 

I did notice a really cute sweater in the newborn section though and decided to get that and the long sleeved polo I had my eye on for awhile for Jay. Both were on sale too, and when I went to pick out the sweater I saw this really cute polo onesie that matches and can be layered with the sweater so I picked that up too. I got all 3 for under $20 with my employee discount.

I bought the sweater and onesie big enough that he should be able to fill it out well enough come easter, assuming it's not like a million degrees at the end of April like it was for the first part of November here! The polo I got a little bigger too, but I figure it's lightweight and it's long sleeved so he should be able to wear it for awhile, even in the "colder" summer months when he doesn't need to wear a jacket out.

I also stopped at Kmart to buy myself a pair of Joe Boxer slippers. I saw they have them for $2.50 on Black Friday and they were having their "pre-Black Friday" sale this weekend with reduced prices and the slippers were advertised as $5.99 so I figured why not - I don't feel like rushing through Kmart on Black Friday and $5.99 for slippers isn't a bad idea, especially when I'll probably need them when we go to the hospital to have Jay. I have a pair of blue fluffy slippers, but they're really worn and nasty looking as I had them back in college, so it's about time for some new ones.

I also bought myself a pair of dual fingerless/mitten gloves and a black knit cap to go with my new jacket. I have a nice pair of leather gloves, but my fingers are a bit swollen right now due to being preggo and I figured these mittens would probably work better this year than trying to stuff my fingers comfortably in the leather gloves. Plus the hat and mittens and were each 40% off  and only a few bucks to begin with so I figured why not.

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  1. Shopping is serious business! What better way to spend the day buying and buying! yayyyY!!!