Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy (early) Easter!

This past weekend I took Jay to see the Easter Bunny for the first time ever!


He had the reaction we figured he would - a look on his face that was if he was saying "uh mommy... what IS this furry pink thing and WHY is it holding me???"

He did well though! The photo-op was hosted by The Rockford Kids Club which is a new local organization that hosts events like this one and offers discounts and deals to different places around town. An old friend of mine has a lot of involvement with it. But anyways, it was at Sapora Playworld which is an indoor playground type place inside the same building as one of the local ice rinks.

A friend of mine came with her 2 kids - her 1 year old started pulling on Jay's shoelaces, to which he gave her this dirty look, lol... it was pretty funny! Then he watched the kids running around and playing before dozing off.

Sunday was also a busy day for Jay as he got to meet his cousins for the first time ever! He has 2 - Noah, who will be 4 this summer, and Lucas who is about 4 months older than Jay. He didn't know what to make of Noah, who was a bit excited to see the baby and was playing with the toys on Jay's carrier. He was all wide-eyed meeting Lucas as he's never seen another baby that close in age to him - most the ones he's met before were nearly 1.

In other news, we're somewhat moved in now. Just tonight we got the rest of the boxes in the basement sorted and put away. We just have some boxes in the living room to put away, the office to put together and some stuff in our bedroom. Tomorrow most of our living room furniture is being delivered - for whatever reason Slumberland corporate didn't ship our loveseat with the rest of the set so that's been delivered when it arrives in a few weeks.

We've been working on getting Jay used to his crib. So far the longest he's gone in there is roughly 3hrs, which isn't too bad a start, considering the first time we tried he only made it an hour. We're really working on it this week though as it's important to get him used to sleeping by himself and in his own room.

My baby sis turned 18 today (Monday) and we celebrated with family on Friday by going to local pasta joint Lino's. We let Jay try some pasta sauce - he wasn't so crazy about it but boy did he love the little bit of vanilla ice cream daddy slipped him!

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