Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our big weekend

So this past weekend was moving weekend as we moved everything over from our apartment into the new house.

Late Thursday afternoon we closed on the house, got the keys and went over so my dad and uncle could get in to do some "minor" work - my dad wanted to work on fixing the drywall where there was previous mold damage and my uncle was coming over to fix something on the electrical box as he's an electrician. I got to work painting Jay's room.

I also had appliances coming first thing in the morning so Jay had his first overnight at Grammie's to make things a little easier for me in the morning. Mom said he did okay, as I was in and out over there a few times earlier in the night. She said around 2am he seemed like he was fighting sleep, like he knew his daddy would be coming home soon (as he usually does during the week at 330am) and was trying to stay up to see him, thinking daddy would come get him since he didn't get to go home with mommy earlier. She said he woke up around 8am for food and slept some more in the morning but started to get real fussy as the afternoon went on so she brought him over to the house so he could at least see us and know we didn't abandon him with Grammie.

As for me, the washer and dryer were supposed to be coming between 830-1030am, however at 8am, right as I'm about to get in the shower, I get a call asking if I can meet them in 5min. We tell them to give us 15-20min so I skip the shower and head straight over there. They got there at 830am sharp, hooked both up and left about 10 minutes before the guys showed up with our fridge. The Comcast guy got there right at 1pm and was here for a few hours as he was having issues first with our massive amount of cable hook-ups (apparently some are satellite hook-ups!) and then having issues getting the HD box to work.

Hubby and my sis's friend started bringing stuff over in my dad's jeep and her friend's car a little after 4pm. We were able to get most of the boxes over that way, however it took til about 9pm or so. Saturday we rented a U-Haul for the rest of the furniture to get it over here. Again, that took nearly all day.

Sunday my parents came over again - dad to work on the drywall some more, mom to help with Jay so we could work on unpacking. I got my kitchen all done and by the end of the day I had Jay's room unpacked, our upstairs bathroom complete and the boxes in the living room sorted as that furniture won't start arriving until Tuesday this week.

Saturday and Sunday hubby and I went out shopping for necessities that we needed right away, such as new locks, among other stuff. Needless to say... good thing payday is Friday cuz we're kinda broke! lol...

So we have Jay's crib all setup and have been working on getting him to sleep in it and get used to sleeping in a room by himself. He's gone a few hours so far, which is good... we'll get him used to it!

Jay seems to be adjusting to the new house better than Tiger though - Tiger's been a bit of a scaredy cat, stalking around and keeping close to us. We brought her over Saturday night, as that was our first night staying in the house. We transported her via the cat carrier. She was okay in it til hubby got outside, then she started freaking out a little bit and was meowing her scared meow the whole way in the car. She seems like she's starting to adjust though!

The apartment... it's a mess and looks gross! We didn't clean much the last few weeks because of the move but yeah... there's cat dander in places we didn't know it could get! And paper and crap from packing all over... a small mound of kitty litter where the box stayed... yuck! Not looking forward to cleaning that but we have til the end of the month - hubby and I are probably going to go over some Sunday and get it over with.

I'll be sure to post pics once we're a little more unpacked and we have furniture in the living room upstairs!

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