Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're in Elmo's World now!

I mentioned briefly in my Easter update that my mom got Jay an Elmo for Easter but I didn't mention just how much he seems to love the thing!
Jay loves his Elmo - you can tell he's smiling!
Anytime it's within arm reach of him he's holding onto it, hugging it, gripping it... it's too cute! He also grins really big and laughs when you do the Elmo voice and sing the Elmo's World song ("La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World...") - he LOVES it!

We first saw it in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago when I was out at the mall, walking and window shopping. I stopped in to see about a few more board books for Jay and I spied him starring at something on the shelf from his stroller. I looked and noticed a bunch of Elmo's on the shelf. To be sure that's what it was he was looking at I picked on up and brought it towards his face and he grinned! It was $16.95 though and I was already spending too much money that day so I figured maybe someday later on I'd go back and get it for him. I also mentioned it to my mom and she said she'd try and see about getting it for him for Easter. When she went back to get it, it was the last one on the shelf!

She brought it out for him at Easter dinner on Sunday and boy did his eyes get wide and his face lit up! It was as if he remembered it from weeks earlier! Too cute!

So right now, we think this stuffed Elmo (which is just bigger than half his size! LOL) might be his "special" toy - you know, the doll or blanket you got attached to as a kid and had to take everywhere!

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