Tuesday, January 18, 2011

35 Week Pregnancy Survey

How far along?: 35 weeks, 2 days
How big is baby?: The ultrasound yesterday said he weighed 5lbs, 5oz!
Weight gain?: Still holding steady for 3 weeks straight - I think any weight I've lost due to the diet has been canceled out by Jay's growth
Stretch marks?: Still rubbing lotion on em - they look gross!
Maternity clothes?: Still wearing em
Sleep?: Falling asleep is hard but I'm able to work in sleep throughout the day
Best moment this week?: Growth ultrasound was pretty neat!
Food cravings?: Chocolate this week
Gender?: All boy
Movement?: He's been moving A LOT - thought they were supposed to slow down in there near the end! lol...
Belly button?: Still flat... kinda sad
What I miss?: Being able to eat whatever I feel like
Labor signs?: Belly's been hardening a little bit more this week, as in stronger BH
What I'm looking forward to?: Being able to eat chocolate bars - I *hate* the commercials on TV, makes me crave them!
Milestone?: 5 weeks left to go!

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