Monday, January 17, 2011

Preggo Brain Strikes Again!

So us preggo ladies get what is often referred to as "Preggo Brain" making us a bit forgetful at times.

I've been having issues with my baby shower date in regards to this!

For months, I've known that it's going to be the last Saturday in January. Sure, originally Sunday was suggested, but we decided Saturday would work best for those coming from out of city/state so they could come in Friday, be there Saturday and have time to get home on Sunday so they didn't have to worry about rushing out on Sunday to be back in time to do whatever for work on Monday.

Makes sense.

For some reason though, and I have NO IDEA why, I keep thinking the date is the 30th when really it's the 29th! I know I've mentioned to people it being on "the last Saturday in January - the 30th" and my poor mom... when I left her info to remember to include on the shower invites I even wrote down the 30th instead of the 29th and she had to go back and change them before sending them out as she caught my mistake! Oops!!

And the cherry on the cake...

I had this strange feeling late last night that on the request off sheet at work that I put down the 30th instead of the 29th! I was about 90% sure I had done that so I had to stop by on my way home today to double check that and sure enough, I was right - I had put down I couldn't work the 30th instead of the 29th... oops! How bad would that have been if the 1 day I was schedule for next week was the 29th and I had to miss my own baby shower?!?!


I got it changed though and they haven't started the schedule for next week yet (they usually do that Tues or Wed) so I should be fine, plus no one else had requested the 29th off either so yeah... not too worried about it now, but I wish I knew why in the world I have the 30th stuck in my head as far as the date goes! lol...

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