Friday, January 7, 2011

This week's follow-up and glucose frustrations

Yesterday I had my 33 week follow-up appointment, which consisted of the 20 minute Stress Test (which Jay still hates and after a few minutes into it he seems to wake up and starts beating up my uterus) and then a brief meeting with the doctor to go over stuff.

She said everything with Jay looks good and measured his fundal height as being 34cm, which is right on target as I'm starting my 34th week on Sunday.

We went over my glucose readings... I've had some abnormally high readings this week for lunch and I honestly can't figure out why which frustrates me as I'm eating the same meals I've been eating since they put me on the diet and the readings after were fine then but now they aren't. I'm just frustrated as it seems like we get one set of numbers under control (first dinner, then fasting) but then another set goes all out of whack! She told me to get my numbers for Thursday and today and if either were still high to call the nurse after my reading today and see about upping my prescription.

Well... yesterday's number was fine but today's was 16 points over so I called and waited for the nurse to call me back only for her to tell me that both doctors were out for the rest of the day and that she couldn't prescribe me anything without their go-ahead so I'd have to wait til Monday.

Since I'm almost out of the pill (glyburide) I went ahead and refilled the 2nd 2.5mg one that they had written me prior as well as refilled the prescriptions for my meter supplies. Went to pick em up at Walgreens though and they said they couldn't fill the glyburide one yet as they were waiting on my insurance. They asked if my dosage had been upped, which I confirmed, and they said that's why, as the 2.5mg was for 30 days and it hasn't been close enough to the 30 days for them to approve the refill so I need to let my doctor know that... so I'm not going to be to take it on Sunday as I only have enough for tonight and tomorrow - guess I better be prepared to explain why my fasting number might be high on Monday at my appointment. *sigh*

Someone on Facebook who has diabetes mentioned that after meals they do a little bit of exercise which seems to help get their levels down, as it burns some of the sugars. I think I'll start doing that this weekend - hop on the exercise bike for like 10-20 min after lunch and then take my reading when the hour is up and see if that helps it any.

I'm just sooooo frustrated with the stupid glucose stuff! I'm not quite ready for Jay to be here yet, but at the same time I can't wait to be done with the glucose monitoring and all that as it just frustrates me too much, especially right now with my hormones all crazy. It's frustrating how 1 bad/high reading can dampen my entire mood =(

Less than 6 weeks to go... less than 6 weeks to go....

I was able to get my meter test strips for cheaper though this time, as I had enrolled in the Freestyle program and got my membership card. Walgreens said I can use it every time I just have to have it with me and let them know when I pick it up as they have to manually enter the info in each time, so I guess that's good as it saves us nearly $50 on my meter supplies.

I did a little bit of shopping tonight which helped better my mood a little bit.

I had to pick up a few things at Walmart we were running low on or out of and I had to get a storage bin for our walk-in closet as we're going through that this weekend to make room for the changing table/dresser unit that's being brought over later this week. I also bought a knock-off of the "Shoe-Under" product you see on TV as Gordman's had a 12 pair version on sale for $3.99 before Christmas and I checked and it was still on sale. Most my shoes that are currently in our closet I can't wear right now anyway because they're high heels or they're shoes for special occasions that I don't wear all that often anyway and since we need the space, putting them in an organizer under the bed would probably be best for now - as it is, right now I'm only wearing my snow boots, my new Skecher Shape-Ups, my lower block heels, and my slippers.

I also stopped by The Children's Place to check the schedule for this upcoming week - to my surprise I'm *actually* scheduled for hours this week rather than just all call-in's! That excites me. I also bought a few things that were on the winter clearance Monster Sale (take an additional 50% off the current sale price) and with my 25% employee discount I got 4 items for $11 - can't complain about that! I got him 2 fleece hoodie zip-ups and 2 long-sleeve collared onesies.

I think I overdid it, carrying stuff in tonight though, as I didn't want to make multiple trips so I threw everything in the new storage bin and then carried that from my car, up the front steps and into the building (then I dragged it down the stairs and through the hallway). I've been having minor Braxton Hicks contractions off and on since - oops! The annoying thing is though, half the time I think it's a contraction and the other half I can't tell if it's just Jay stretching/pushing hard like he sometimes does as I always feel the contractions on the same side that he's curled up on ><

Nothing too new with my father-in-law as far as we know. Sunday he was breathing on his own without the oxygen tube and then on Tuesday night they moved him out of the ICU and to similar room on a less critical floor. Hubby went up to visit him after work on Wednesday and said his kidney's were doing slightly better, but still not up to par, as previously they were only functioning at 15%. He had a chemical stress test done on his heart on Wednesday as well (where they give you a medicine that has your heart simulate like you're running on a treadmill) but we haven't heard the results of that yet.

Anyways, that's how things are here...

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