Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly follow-up, pampering and fun!

I had my follow-up appointment yesterday and it went pretty smooth.

Originally I was scheduled for 4pm, but they called me in the morning asking if I could come in at 2pm instead, which was fine with me as I found out the day before they didn't need me to come into work on Thursday.

The NST stress test went fine as did my brief meeting with the doctor. They also did the Strep-B Culture swab, which they said tests for a specific vaginal infection that if you have it (she said like 10% of women do) they treat it while you're in labor so that baby doesn't get the infection when he comes through. Jay's fundal height was measuring exactly 36cm which is right on target for his gestational age. She said my glucose readings looked great and congratulated me on that.

We're STILL waiting for the hospital to call me to setup the ultrasound to check out his femur and kidneys... the girl from my clinic called Wednesday morning to let me know that they got it approved with insurance and sent my paperwork and stuff over to the hospital and that I should be getting a call from them to schedule it "sometime soon" but yeah... I mentioned I hadn't heard anything from them yet at my appointment and my doctor said if I didn't hear anything by this afternoon to give my clinic a call and they would look into it, so I need to do that first thing in the morning since I think they're open til noon.

Today I went and got myself a much needed pedicure!

Hubby rubs my feet for me sometimes when we watch TV and clips my toenails for me when they get too long as I have trouble comfortably reach my feet, but it's just not the same as going to a nail salon and soaking them and getting the works done and all that... and it felt GREAT! Supposedly, there's a pressure point on your ankle that's linked somehow to your uterus and if rubbed or whatever it can cause you to have contractions - I guess we'll see if I go into labor in the next few days...

What was amusing was that the chairs for the pedicure have a built in massager - I don't think Jay knew what to make of that, with all the vibrations going on! He started kicking/squirming a good bit while it was going on! lol...

Tomorrow is my baby shower - I'm a bit excited and looking forward to it, although I can't believe it's already here as we started talking about it and set the date last fall and it seemed soooo far off!

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