Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Teething Necklace Giveaway!

Poor Jay - tooth #6 still hasn't fully come through all the way AND we think he's starting molars now too, as he keeps shoving his fists into the side of his mouth now =(

We tried those Hyland's Teething Tablets everyone seems to rave about... yeah, they don't work as well as we were hoping. They seem to help for a bit, but then he's in pain again. Honestly, it seems to work as well as the baby tylenol we've been giving him and the tylenol is cheaper so yeah...

I saw on Twitter today though that Danielle tweeted about this giveaway for a baby teething necklace and looked into it as I had heard about these amber teething necklaces before but never really checked out to see what they were.

I'm desperate to give Little Man some relief, so why not enter and try to win of these (and maybe just buy one if I don't win) - it's worth a shot, right?

Here's to hoping!

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