Thursday, October 13, 2011

Down with the Sickness

Today I've been quite sick.

I woke up around 830am, not feeling too good and ended up vomiting shortly after taking some PeptoBismal. I felt better though and climbed back into bed. Hubby woke up, saying he was up puking at 630am as well, but felt better afterwards. My blood sugar was down a bit but I laid back down until Jay started waking up around 1030. I moved everything I might need into the family room and drank some Dr. Pepper to get my blood sugar up... however as soon as I changing Jay's diaper, I felt a flush of sickness come over me. I quickly put his diaper on and laid him on the floor, me laying down next to him, before I got up and puked in his trashcan. Jay was a little confused as to what I was doing though! I regained just enough strength to get his jammies back on him and get us to the couch, where we snuggled for a little bit, but I ended up texting my mom and seeing if she could swing by after her Bible study to keep an eye on him for me and get him fed as I just felt too weak to do anything other than lay down and try not to puke again.

She helped me out a lot today - feeding Jay his breakfast and keeping him occupied for a bit so I could lay down and try to feel better. What sucked is that my blood sugar was down and making me feel sick since there was nothing in my system, however I couldn't eat anything to make it better as I was throwing it back up.

After Jay's 1st nap she offered to take him for the afternoon so I could just rest, so I agreed and hubby picked him up on his way home. Jay fell asleep in the car and slept til a little after 8pm. Hubby brought him into our room (he still isn't feeling 100% either) so we could all snuggle. Jay wanted mommy though and I told him I couldn't snuggle like we usually do as he couldn't bump me in the stomach as mommy's tummy wasn't feeling well. Not sure if he understood, but he crawled over to me and laid down next to me, putting his head on my shoulder for a few minutes - it was so sweet and cute! Made my night.

Jay's definitely a momma's boy - he doesn't like going too long without mommy and we didn't get to spend much time together today since I was feeling so sick.

My mom came back over to help me with him tonight after hubby left for his night job as I was feeling a little better but spending all day in bed my sense of balance was all off and my stomach was empty. I could use the help. We snuggled a bit tonight though - I missed snuggling with him today too. He's my little snuggle buddy.

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