Tuesday, October 19, 2010

22 Week Anatomical Survey Ultrasound

So today (Monday) we're 22 weeks, and 1 day!

This also means it was time for our monthly appointment!

http://www.arielandcurtis.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/wk22_papaya.jpgToday we had the Anatomical Survey ultrasound, where the ultrasound tech does thorough scans and stuff of Jay's body to make sure everything is there and how it should be. His brain seemed to look good, his heart has all 4 chambers, his kidneys seemed fine, spine was good, and we from what we could tell he has both arms and legs and all his fingers and toes! We could also see where his eyes, nose and mouth are too.

His heartbeat was at 155bpm which is about where it was last time, and she said he weighed 1lb, 2 oz so far.

He decided to be a little stinker though when she went to take 3D picture of his face and wouldn't cooperate - he had been moving quite a bit this morning, which is strange for him as he usually doesn't move much in the morning, but I swear he senses when we're going to the doctor as every time so far he's been really active! However, previously our appointments have been at 10:30am or 11am and today's was at 11:30am. I think, from what we could see on the ultrasound, he was getting tired again by this point and curling up to sleep, as he had his hands up by his face - hiding from whatever, lol... the tech spent like 5 minutes or so poking and nudging him trying to get him to move so we could see his face, but he refused and instead kicked me every time she nudged/poked him with the wand like he was fighting back, lol...

Grandma (hubby's mom) was not too happy to hear about this, as she was really hoping we'd get a good 3D shot of his face, lol... she was joking about how she was going to have to have a talk with that boy, lol...

So here's the 3D shot we ended up with:

Personally, I think these things are a bit creepy... from left to right, there's the umbilical cord floating around and you can see a little hand and finger going into his mouth, then there's the nose and an eye (with the nose all smooshed against himself, I think he looks like Squidward from Spongebob, lol...) and apparently his legs are bent up over his head somehow - seems he's a bit of a contortionist in there!

It was cute though - at one point he had his hands clasped together and then he unfolded them for us. And another time it looked like he was waving at us! In addition to the kicking, I think he's been punching too, as she was looking at his legs on one side but I was feeling "kicks" up by his other half.

We think it's funny that he'll hide his face from us for the 3D picture, but he's got no problem showing off his package to everyone, as we had no problem getting a view of that! lol...

Our next appointment is in 4 weeks, then after that we go every 2 weeks (we have the Glucose Challenge test is in 6 weeks) up until the last month - then I go in weekly til he finally pops out.

In other news, I found out today for sure that my primary doctor is "retiring from the practice." I asked if that meant he was "retiring" retiring or just moving elsewhere and he explained that after 29 years in OB/GYN it's just his time to cycle out and that he plans on being a laborer, helping with deliveries at the local hospitals for a bit. He said he might still pop in at the clinic from time to time if they need help while someone's out on delivery duty. It was a bit sad though, as he's been my primary doctor there for over 2 years and worked with me throughout all my LEEP stuff I went through and all my follow-ups since. Fortunately there's 3 other doctor's on staff at my clinic, which they've been cycling us through with our pregnancy appointments as our delivering doctor is whoever happens to be on delivery duty that day, but still...

Today we also got hubby situated with getting tested and his prescription to clear up the bacterial infection that he most likely has since I have it.

Oh and I registered us for a few classes at our delivering hospital too - we were signing up for the childbirth class and breastfeeding class, but we learned that if we also signed up for the newborn care class, the cost of that one is free, so we figured we'd sign up for all 3. The childbirth class covers all the basic labor-related stuff you would expect. We signed up for the 3 night class in November, however the lady gave us a heads up that so far, we're the only ones signed up for it and if they don't have at least 3 signed up they tend to cancel it and we'd have to pick a different time. The breastfeeding class I figured I need to take as I'm pretty unfamiliar with it - my mom didn't breastfeed and neither did my aunt so I haven't really had a lot of exposure or whatever to it and no knowledge outside of what I've read and heard. That class is a 1 night class that I'm going to in November. The newborn care class they recommended we take about a month or so before our due date, so we're doing that one in January. Should be interesting and maybe even fun... I think!

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