Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First kicks

So forget what I said in my last post about how baby Jay started fluttering over the weekend which means he'll probably start kicking in the next few weeks - HE STARTED KICKING LAST NIGHT!

It was really neat!

Hubby had just gotten home from work, we were laying in bed with the light off watching the end of Sex and the City on TBS before turning the TV off to go to sleep. I was feeling Jay moving around in there, but then I started feeling little "twinges" or "kicks" on my lower abdomen just next to center.

Curious, I grabbed hubby's hand and was trying to get him to lay it flat on my abdomen although he was like "What are you trying to do?" when I couldn't get his arm to turn the right way with the way he was laying.

I told him "I want to see if you can feel something..." so he cooperated and let me put his hand flat on my abdomen.

We sat for a moment, before he was like "I only feel your heartbeat."

I told him to just wait a moment as I thought I felt Jay kick and then I felt it.

"Did you feel that?" I asked him.

"Yeah! It felt... awesome!" Hubby said with a big grin on his face.

He then repositioned his hand tried to feel another one. I told him just to wait for it and then there was another one, but he missed it as I was talking which moved my abdomen a little. We repositioned his hand a few times, as it seemed Jay moved just right of center for a bit and hubby was able to feel him kick a few more times before Jay seemed to stop for the night and we decided to go to bed. It was a fun 10 minutes or so of "follow the kicking."

I woke up a few times this morning, tossing and turning, and there were a few times I think I felt him kick some more. He's pretty quiet right now - like I said previously, he seems to be more active later at night, he's already turning into a night owl like his mommy and daddy!

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