Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halfway there!

As of right now I am 20 weeks, 3 days pregnant - we're officially at the halfway point! (although, if you're pregnant for 40 weeks, why do they say 9 months? Someone fails at counting!) waiting to hear back from the doctor's office regarding my test results from last week - if I don't hear anything by mid-afternoon tomorrow I think I'll give them a call as they told me we'd know early this week - they told me to refrain from my prenatal workout and intercourse until we get the results back and well, refrain from the latter has been a bit hard the past few days (which is saying something, as I've had NO sex drive whatsoever since getting pregnant), especially since hubby got a hair cut which looks pretty hot! lol...

I *finally* started feeling Jay "flutter" the last few days - I think it might have been noticeable over the past few weeks, but at the time I couldn't tell if it was just my stomach grumbling or gas or what, as it wasn't very distinct... but over the past few days, it's definitely become a very distinct flutter! He doesn't seem to be very active during the day, but late at night and around the time I decide to fall asleep (usually around 4am when hubby gets home from work) he's fluttering up a storm!

My college roommate was up visiting from Dallas last week and I met up with her halfway in our old college town about 30 miles away for dinner. She declared that I "definitely look pregnant!" I've been wearing mostly my maternity clothes the last 3 or 4 weeks as they're looser and just look better than a lot of my regular tops right now. I visited with my best friend from high school today too - I  hadn't seen her since July and she was shocked at how much I'm showing already. I mean, I am halfway already, but I guess she didn't really start showing til 6 months with her first. It is nice though, as it's obvious now that I'm just pregnant and not fat! =)

I've grown some more too - I swear my boobs literally grew again overnight this past weekend! As I was changing for bed the other night, hubby noticed and was like "Whoa! Big boobies!" I pointed out that they've been bigger than normal since like July, but he was like "No, they look even bigger!" I shrugged it off, but noticed the next day in the shower that no, he was right - they are even bigger! I've decided that so far, one of the strangest "pregnant body" things is when I'm relaxing at home, sans bra and slouching, is that my boobs just kinda rest on top of my belly - it feels SOOO weird and unnatural! And they're NOT DONE growing yet!! also leads to my sleep issues I've had the past week or so - I'm lucky if I get about 4-6 hours of "good" sleep before my body wakes me up and declares that whatever position I've been sleeping in is no longer comfortable and I need to roll over to my otherside. And then my body proceeds to wake me up EVERY HOUR telling me it's no longer comfortable in the position I'm in and to roll over again. This tossing and turning tends to continue until I finally wake up, which involves me laying on my back for a few minutes just to stretch out my back. So annoying and I hear it's only the beginning - now that I can feel Jay fluttering it's only a matter of weeks until he starts kicking, keeping me up half of the night with that! lol...

Hubby's been pretty sweet lately though - he's been pretty good about giving me back rubs when I need them (there's a few spots on my back - one along my spine, the other near my shoulderblades) as with my boobs getting bigger, my back seems to hurt a bit more. There's also been a few times where we'll be laying in bed, me propped up reading or watching TV and he'll roll over and put his arm around my baby bump or just fall asleep with his hand holding it. He also said the other night (I forget if we were going to bed or if he was leaving for work) but he turned to me and said "I love you, Baby" like he usually does and I responded "I love you too" and then he stopped said to my belly "and I love you, baby" - it was pretty cute!

Oh! Another thing I noticed in the shower the other day was that my belly button is starting to "pop" a little! It's only on the inside so far (I have an innie), but cleaning it in the shower (I have a naval ring so I clean it regularly) I noticed a little bump starting to pop out on the inside of it!

I'll have to remember to take a 20 week pic this week and post it!

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