Thursday, October 7, 2010

Interesting coincidences

A few interesting coincidences I've come across lately., while recently cleaning out my side of our walk-in closet, I came across a jewelry box that had a trio of rings in it that my mom bought for me back in like high school. Each ring has a colored stone - a blue zircon which is the birthstone for December, a peridot which is the birthstone for August which is my birthstone... and a purple amethyst which is the birthstone for... February! How funny is that - I have a ring set that includes both my birthstone and Jay's birthstone! Since I found the rings, I've been wearing the peridot and amethyst stone rings together, occasionally pairing them with the blue topaz, although obviously that one isn't significant yet... if only it was opal or rose zircon for October, then I'd have all 3 of our birthstones, as hubby's birthday is in October!

Another interesting coincidence...

The other day I started playing The Sims 3 again, out of boredom, and I honestly haven't played it since last December. Last time I played though, I had made Sim Josh and Sim Rachel to play as myself and hubby in the world of The Sims. I quickly got them on romantic terms and they got married and eventually had a baby... a baby boy! How weird is that? My virtual Sim self predicted we'd be having a boy first, nearly 9 months ago! Could this possibly be life imitating art? I think maybe!

The last coincidence is that I recently learned that hubby's aunt has the same birthday as my deceased grandma - February 23! So I know we're due the 20th, but how weird would it be if Jay is a few days late and is born on the 23rd?? It'd be a bit interesting if our first baby has the same birthday as my grandma who passed on the eve of our wedding!

On a non-coincidence related note, hubby and I were out at the mall the other day, just killing time and walking around (we're literally about 5 minutes down the road from the mall so window shopping and mall walking a great way to kill free time). We stopped in the sports shop just to look and see how much baby football/team related stuff goes for and found some really cute ones, like a onesie that said "I've been a Cowboys fan my whole life!" and "My first Cowboys tee." Can't wait til we're in Dallas and can start buying baby Cowboys gear! hehe

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