Sunday, February 20, 2011

Formula and other thoughts

Today is Jay's official due date - hard to believe he's already been here for just over 2 weeks already!

So we've switched him to formula - Enfamil's Premium Newborn powder to be exact, which is good for him until he's 3 months old, then we can switch to the Premium Infant blend and get it in a bigger container for a better price at Sam's Club.
Sleeping buddies
He seems to be doing alright - we started him on it Friday evening. At first he would only drink like about an ounce, but yesterday my mom got 2 ounces into him (I tried to force it into him like she did, but with no luck - anytime I got more than an ounce into him he'd spit up), but this morning he easily downed 2 ounces and my mom got another 2 ounces into him this afternoon while we were out looking at houses. I was a little worried at first, as 1 ounce per feeding didn't seem like a whole lot, but I guess as long as he's eating is what matters - he's been waking up about every 2-3 hours at night for food too, so I guess just get into him what we can and hope that by tomorrow morning when we go to the doctor he's grown some! I was reading online and some women were talking about how much their 2 week old eats/drinks as far as formula goes... but I guess I need to remember that Jay is a bit on the small side (roughly 6-6.5 lbs) and his tummy probably isn't as big as the "average" 2 week old newborn. We just have to remember to burp him regularly as he's eating, as he'll gulp down half an ounce right off the bat, but spit up from eating too fast if you don't stop him and burp him! Poor kid though, switching to formula is making it "harder" for him to poop - he gets so red in the face and fussy when he's pooping now =(

His umbilical cord stump came off last night - he's got an innie just like mommy and daddy! He's also opening his eyes more now too, looking around at everything. He makes the cutest and funniest faces while he's eating and sleeping - I swear he looks like a little Who from Whoville at times!

Gotta admit, while I miss having Jay squirming around inside me, I'm amazed at how my body's bounced back so quickly!

My SPD (pubic bone pain) that I've had since the end of October was gone as soon as Jay was out - I can get in and out of bed and roll over with no pain once again! My baby belly shrunk pretty quickly too - I still have a bit of a "pooch" with some stretch marks (which I've been putting Palmer's lotion on daily) but yeah... the first and last time I weighed myself after having Jay, I had already lost somewhere between 10-15lbs (the scaled showed me being just under 180). My "maternity" heels are too loose for my feet now, as they're no longer swollen and all my maternity tops feel big on me. Also, I can fit in my old jeans again that I haven't worn since our trip to Dallas back in October - I had to switch back to them as my maternity jeans were just too baggy! I'm always stopping and realizing, day by day, things I can eat again too, like last night I realized that I can eat pizza again because not only am I not on a strict low-carb diet, but I don't have to worry about it giving me heartburn! I can't wait to go to Buffalo Wild Wings again - we stopped going there last summer as all the sauces just tasted too hot and spicy for me, thanks to preggo hormones.

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