Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jay's Birth Story

Well, a lot's happened this past week, that's for sure!

Thursday I got up at 630 to be at my doctor's appointment by 8am - we had a blizzard here as I've mentioned and fortunately hubby had dug my car out for me Wednesday night. I was anxious to talk to my doctor about the results regarding the hospital ultrasound, however after driving across town, I get to my clinic only to learn that while everyone had said Thursday, they scheduled me for the 4th - Friday. Kinda annoying...

I went home and eventually got around to calling the bank lady to see if she could run hubby's credit again and see where we were at as far as that goes. She said it looked better but would call me back shortly as she wanted to see if we qualified for this 1st time home-buyers program through IHDA. She called me back that afternoon with the good news - that we qualified for that program with hubby's current credit score and that she would go ahead and email a copy of a pre-approval letter so we could start looking at houses, we just need to get in some extra paperwork for the program and she said she could probably approve us for more than she did after we get the tax stuff in.

While I was on the phone with her, I got a voicemail from my clinic saying to call them back before the close of the day (5pm). It was only a little after 3pm but I promptly called back, expecting it to be some bad news regarding my Strep-B coulture they took last week.

But nope - they said the high risk doctor at the hospital that did my ultrasound spoke with my doctor today and they were really concerned about Jay's lack of growth over the last 7 weeks, as it was showing he had gained less than a pound, and since I was already 37 weeks they wanted me to go ahead and get to the hospital to deliver him that night! was a bit of initial shock - sure I had been wanting to him come anytime now, but still, it was a bit of a shock as I wasn't expecting an induction THAT soon - it had sounded like it would be at least another week!

I quickly got ahold of hubby and told him both of the good news - that we finally were pre-approved for a home loan and that we were having Jay that night. He was home by 4pm as I was finishing putting a suitcase together. We stopped by McDonald's real quick so I could grab an early dinner, at the suggestion of a friend of mine, as once they started to induce me I wouldn't be allowed to eat until after delivery and who knew how long I'd be in labor!

We got to the hospital at about 5pm however we had to wait out in the waiting room til about 530 as they didn't have any available rooms open due to all the Blizzard Babies from the day before that were still popping out.

Once we got in a room, they started all the basic admission stuff and my doctor checked my cervix to see if I was dilated any - turns out, I was already 3cm dilated! Didn't really surprise me too much as I had been feeling some pressure on my cervix the past few days - we figured it was just him dropping.

They didn't start the induction via pitocin until about 1030pm as they wanted to move me into one of the bigger delivery rooms.

The first few hours were pretty boring. The contractions, while 2-3minutes apart, weren't painful at all and honestly I was bored. They said my contractions were looking fantastic though! It wasn't until about 4am did I really start feeling them and back labor kicked in, which hurt quite a bit! I requested a hit of dilauded as the back labor with the uncomfy bed with the bar that breaks the end of the bed off for delivery in my back it was just too much. Can't say it helped too much, but it did make me sleepy which helped as I could zone out easier between the contractions.

Between 6 and 7am is when it started getting bad. Hubby was asleep up until this point but woke up to help me focus on breathing. I started feeling sick at one point, like I do when my blood sugars drop - all weak, dizzy, faint, breaking into a cold sweat... mom said it was body most likely going into shock. I requested a cold compress which helped a little bit.

Just before 7am I requested to go to the bathroom, again (I had been going every few hours it seemed and since I was hooked up to IVs and a monitor I had to have someone help me get up and to the bathroom each time). While waiting for the nurse to come, my water broke... and with it I think my bladder went too. Before the nurse let me go to the bathroom she checked my cervix again to see if I had made any progress (last time she checked was around 3am and I was about 3.5cm and she commented that Jay had a ton of hair on his head). I was 7cm dilated by this point - almost there!

Going to the bathroom still was a mistake though as the contractions suddenly got A LOT worse, maybe a minute apart. As soon as I sat down on the toilet I started to freak out - with each contraction my body was telling me to push - it honestly felt like Jay was right there, about to come out and I was really scared I was going to have him on the toilet like you see some of the girls do on that "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show! I started calling for the nurse who kept telling me just to focus and breathe and came and got me. She checked my cervix again - in the time it took to get me to the bathroom and back I had apparently dilated to 10cm and Jay was on the verge of coming out!

She went to page my doctor again, as 10 minutes prior when they called she said she would be over as soon as she dropped her daughter off at school and well, no one expected me to dilated the last 3cm THAT quickly!

I was freaking out though as the nurse had stepped out, my doctor wasn't there yet and while the contractions were horrible and every minute now I was trying NOT to push despite my body telling me to.

Fortunately the doctor got there quick (obviously she didn't end up taking her daughter to school) and they got me going - took about 4 contractions with 3-4 good pushes each time before Jay was out.

Jaydran Alexander Johnson was born on February 4, 2011 at 7:26am weighing 6lbs, 7 oz with a length of 19inches and a full head of hair! No Downs Syndrome and he seems to be perfectly proportioned!
Jay and daddy - I <3 this picture of my boys
Hubby went over to the other side of the room with the nurse that was cleaning up Jay while the doctor stitched me as Jay tore me a good 2cm. Mom said she thinks the doctor was surprised by his weigh, considering the ultrasound earlier that week claimed he was only 5lbs, 12oz at the most!

After mommy and baby were both cleaned up they moved us to the mother-baby ward where we stayed til Sunday afternoon. I spent most of the time in bed, as my stitches hurt down there a little and I didn't want to do too much anyway. We had family in and out, which was nice, although neither of us got much sleep either night - hospital beds just aren't that comfy and hubby didn't figure out that the recliner turns into a pull out bed til Saturday night. Plus that first night I had the nurses coming in to check on me and Jay every few hours, waking me up for one thing or another.

They did his circumcision late on Saturday, saying he slept through it, which was good! Our family doctor seemed a bit confused by this supposed kidney issue of Jay's, as he said he seems to be peeing just fine! They did end up doing an ultrasound on Sunday though and said our doctor will go over it with us at his first appointment next week. out of the hospital took forever! Both my OBGYN and family doctor came early in the morning and discharged Jay and I and we told the nurse we'd plan on leaving around noon. I took a nice, refreshing shower which felt great after having not done so since Thursday morning. We were just about ready to go at noon when Jay got hungry so of course we had to feed him. We no sooner get started on that when the nurse comes in saying that they found a tech to do Jay's ultrasound (they weren't sure originally if they could get one to come in on a Sunday), so they quickly wheeled him off for that. They brought him back about 20 minutes later, howling the whole way down the hall as his meal was interrupted and he was still hungry! Oops!

After annoying paperwork, after paperwork we finally got out of there around 2pm... so much for noon!

Hubby and I relaxed with Jay at home for the rest of the afternoon, going over to my family's house for the Superbowl.

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