Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some 1sts for Jay

Yesterday was February 14th - Valentine's Day - and it was also Jay's 1st trip to the doctor's office!

Daddy couldn't join us so Grammie tagged along. Getting ready in the morning was going smoothly - we seem to have a bit of a routine, where Jay sleeps for a few hours, eats, goes back to sleep and wakes up a few hours later more nom noms before mommy gets ready for the day. I figured I'd feed him again before we left for the doctor's office and change his diaper too so he'd be good to go. Well... as expected after he eats, Jay had a poopy diaper. As I'm changing him, waiting for Grammie to arrive, he pees... and gets himself on the top of his shirt as well as entire side of his hair! We had just given him a bath the night before too! Quickly, I wiped and wetted his hair as we had about 5 minutes til we needed to leave, and changed his clothes.

We got to the doctor's office with about 5 minutes to spare and all the nurses and staff couldn't get over how little he was and how cute he was.

They weighed him - at 10 days old he weighed 6lbs, 9oz - at birth he was 6lbs, 7oz and when we left the hospital he was down to 6lbs, 1oz. He also measured 20inches long - 1 inch bigger than he was at birth. The doctor wants us to come back in at the end of the week to weigh him again, as he feels he should have gained a few more ounces over his birth weight than he has and said that unless he's sleeping, make sure he's eating every 2-3 hours (which is what I've been aiming for), otherwise we might have to consider supplementing with formula (which I have no problem with, but hubby would rather not have to spend the extra money on it when we could just breastfeed for free).

We also discussed the kidney ultrasound - it appears that one of his kidney's is indeed blocked, and while the doctor said that the Good Lord gave us 2 and you only need 1 to function which clearly the 1 is working just fine, obviously he'd like both of them to be working. He called up a pediatric urologist in town and have us meeting him in 3 weeks to see how it's doing with a follow-up ultrasound. He said it is possible that as Jay grows, the kidney could very well unblock on its own, but it's worth looking into now. The official term for it is called Hydronephrosis - he's a good article on it that states exactly what the doctor told us for those that are interested.

He did give us a prescription for Amoxycillan as right now there is concern that with the blockage, there may be old urine/fluid trapped inside the kidney which could eventually lead to an infection so we need to take preventative measures to kill anything off now so that doesn't happen.

Snuggling with mommy
Other than that, the doctor said he's perfectly healthy. Jay of course did not like the physical part of the exam when we had to strip him down to his diaper - poor kid doesn't like getting undressed or having his diaper changed, so I guess we won't have to worry about him being a little exhibitionist anytime soon!

We gave Jay his 1st prescription last night - 3/4 a tsp administered by a dropper into his mouth around "bedtime". Daddy held him while mommy gave it to him in 1/4 tsp increments so he could swallow easily. He seemed to like it! We read over the side effects and allergic symptoms and I monitored him the next few hours just to make sure he didn't have any reactions to it. Seemed to be okay!

Regarding his prescription, our local Walgreens yesterday seemed to be the place to get flicked off at!

I drove through on our way home to drop off the prescription as I'm going through the parking lot, this redneck in a truck is backing out. I had a stop sign there so I was waiting, but the guy nearly slammed on the gas while backing up and literally almost backed into me - he was about a foot or 2 from my front bumper when I laid on the horn, as he backing out too fast! The guy however must not have realized how close he came to backing up over me and stuck his arm out his window, flipping me off and yelling a big "f-you!" before peeling out - people leaving the store looked as confused as I did! Hubby picked up the prescription about an hour later after work and since Jay was new in their system it was taking a little longer than normal. Apparently the middle-aged woman behind hubby in the drive-thru was getting impatient and started screaming and yelling at him for taking too long and flipped him off as well!

Yesterday was also Valentine's Day. Hubby and I went out for dinner at Red Lobster while Grammie babysat Jay since my dad's out of town all week and she can't get enough of the Little Man. We were only gone a few hours and as much as I love my Little Man, it was nice to get out just the 2 of us. Jay also got his first Valentine's Day card from his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa (my dad's parents) and they gave him $5 too - I'll hang onto that, maybe buy him a book or toy with it when he's a little older, as he's not much for toys yet.

Watching Star Wars with daddy
We also took him out to the mall on Sunday for his first ride in the stroller. He fell asleep as soon as we were in the car and slept the whole time we were out at the mall. We stopped in at work for me to show him off to some of the girls - the one manager couldn't get over how cute he was. I also learned I can't go back to work until I get a note from my doctor at my post-partum check-up that clears me. We had a bunch of random strangers at the mall commenting on how cute he is, asking how old, etc - hubby said he forgot that now that we're parents, anytime we go out in public with Jay we're going to have that happen! lol...

It's supposed to be in the 40s later this week - I'm hoping it doesn't rain so I can bust out the stroller and we can go walking on the walking path for a bit!

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