Friday, February 18, 2011

Just not Jay's day

So today we had Jay's weight follow-up appointment to see if he had gained anymore weight this week as on Monday his 10 day weight gain wasn't quite what the doctor would have liked it to have been.

Well... he LOST weight!

At the appointment Monday, with his clothes on, he weighed 6lbs, 9oz, today he is 6lbs, 7oz!


The doctor said he doesn't look or seem dehydrated, his color is good, and he's pooping and peeing as much as he should so it's not like he's starving, but for some reason he's not gaining weight.

He told us to get some formula and 4oz bottles and start supplementing over the weekend, doing 5 minutes of breastmilk if we want and then giving Jay a bottle of formula a minimum of every 3 hours in hopes he'll gain some weight over the weekend as we have another follow-up on Monday morning. If he doesn't gain any back and then some we'll have look into there maybe being another reason why he's not gaining any weight.

We're thinking it might just be that my milk production is low - Jay nurses plenty, that's for sure, sometimes as often as every hour or more during the morning hours! But we notice it seems to pass through him real quickly (like before he's even done eating) and I've noticed the past few days my boobs don't seem as "full" as they were...

Maybe switching to formula though will help him sleep better at night (and maybe even in the bassinet!) if he's getting a full tummy - I know it'll help me a little as I won't feel so "on my own" when it comes to feeding, as others will be able to feed him now too.

My mom bought him some Nuk brand bottles, as I had tried The 1st Years Breastflow ones last night and Jay didn't seem to take to it well - his binky is by Nuk though and their bottles have the same nipple as his binky so that seemed to go a little better although he only ate a little over an ounce...

Poor Little Man - just isn't his day today, with the bad news from the doctor about his weight to having to switch to formula... on top of it, when we got home from shopping I went to change his diapey and well, in the process he peed all over himself again and this time he got some in his face! Poor guy... he had the initial shock of it hitting his face before he started freaking out... I did a quick "mop up" of him and the changing table before taking him to the bathroom for a spongebath and hair wash, which he wasn't happy about either! Daddy came home though and he's been snuggling with him ever since.

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