Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nesting and Snowmaggedon!!

We're having a huge snow storm here right now - it's been dubbed Snowmaggedon.

It started snowing a little bit last night but stopped for awhile before starting up again this morning and then getting really bad this afternoon - apparently we're supposed to be getting "thunder snow" which basically means you get several inches all at once within an hour!

Hubby said that UPS shutdown the hub tonight, giving everyone the night off since planes won't be able to come in and out - he NEVER gets a snow day there! The mall closed early tonight too apparently... I have no idea if I'm supposed to work still tomorrow or not as I didn't get a call but I'm assuming not... guess we'll find out in the morning, as everything else seems to be canceled for tomorrow.

I stopped by my mom's after my ultrasound at the hospital this afternoon (see next post for details on that) and we found one of my old Cabbage Patch dolls that's just about the size of Jay that we're planning on carrying around at home so Tiger gets used to seeing us with baby. Hubby and I have been sitting on the couch for the past hour or so and he's been "holding" the baby doll while playing Playstation - it's actually pretty cute!

Not sure if it's the weather or not but I've been in full nesting mode the last 2 days now - I spent last night working on the Super Mario panels a bit, washing all of Jay's clothes, and putting together some of his stuff such as the stroller and the pack n play we got. It's killing Tiger that she's not allowed to climb in the pack n play - she keeps jumping in and dashing off as soon as she see me coming to take her out!

I also had an increase of Braxton Hicks last night too while I was doing everything - not sure if I was just pushing myself or what, but I noticed them while I was standing at the sink doing dishes, then when I was carrying laundry and stuff back and forth from the laundry room and then later while sitting at the computer. They came and went though so I know they weren't "real" contractions.

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